Sand Tarts. Mexican Wedding Cookies. Crescents. Delicious. (

25 Days of Cookies: Sand Tarts

Sand Tarts. Mexican Wedding Cookies. Crescents. Whatever you call them, these easy-to-make cookies are delicious! My two munchkins are still sick. The Professor is healthy and off to school. It certainly makes getting ready in the morning easier when there’s only one kid to get ready! But, after a rough night with two sickies, I’m […]

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Lacy Coconut Crisps by

25 Days of Cookies: Lacy Coconut Crisps

Thin, light and crispy these Lacy Coconut Crisps are not your ordinary cookie! Yesterday was my kids’ school staff luncheon. I baked 3 holiday cookies for this event. My kids got to sample each cookie. It must be torture for them to see me give them one or two cookies while I give the rest […]

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Sherry Bars by

25 Days of Cookies: Sherry Bars

Sherry Bars: Think rich chocolate brownie meets sherry infused cream topped with decadent chocolate fondant.  Okay, I’m reaching with this next “cookie” recipe: Sherry Bars. It’s technically a bar, a brownie bite, but I was getting bored posting cookie recipes! And I love how bar recipes are so easy when it comes to feeding a crowd. […]

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Coconut Jam Thumbprint Cookies by

25 Days of Cookies: Coconut Jam Thumbprint Cookies

This classic cookie gets a twist with the addition of coconut, making these Coconut Jam Thumbprint Cookies little nests for your favorite jam. My cookie adventures have taken me on an interesting windy road for the past few years! From chocolate to vanilla, sandwiched or flat, shaped in balls, rectangles, circles or shapes: Cookies are just […]

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Persian Saffron Cookies (Nan-e Keshmeshi) by

25 Days of Cookies: Persian Saffron Cookies (Nan-e Keshmeshi)

These Persian Saffron Cookies (Nan-e Keshmeshi) are deceptively simple, yet have tremendous flavor and aroma. If you’ve ever been to a Middle-Eastern market or visited Teh-rAngeles (the Persian pet-name for the high concentrated of Iranians in Los Angeles), you have probably seen these wonderful Persian Saffron Cookies (Nan-e Keshmeshi). My mother-in-law is an amazing cook, but […]

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Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies by

25 Days of Cookies: Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies

These Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies are bursting with peppermint frosting and studded with peppermint candies. Every year for the holidays I bake like a fiend and give away sweet goodies to teachers, my friends and my family. I usually make about a dozen different recipes from cookies, cakes and bars. Yeah, I’m nuts. Sure, I […]

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