Mango Sorbet without Ice Cream Maker!

Staying cool over the summer is even easier. Anyone can make this Mango Sorbet without ice cream maker.

Mango Sorbet without ice cream maker by

All summer long I have been reading these wonderful blog posts showing these gorgeous recipes for homemade ice cream and sorbets. I do not own an ice maker. I will also publicly admit that I am not a big fan of ice cream… unless it has chunks of brownies in it. When it comes to frozen treats, I prefer sorbets. There’s something refreshing about the taste of fresh fruits in their prime, whether fresh or frozen.

Earlier this summer, my local grocer had a mango sale: 3/$1. I stocked up and decided that I would make Mango Sorbet without ice cream maker!! I am Wonder-Mom! How hard could it be?

The messiest part was peeling and cutting up the mango chunks. That’s easy enough. Simply cut the mango halves along the thin flat mango seed. Next, score each half with a knife in a checkerboard pattern. Turn each mango half inside-out and the mango segments pop up. You then just cut the segments off.

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Most recipes had you make a simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar) before mixing everything in a blender. I like to simplify things, so I decided to mix everything together in the blender, skipping the extra step. Honestly, the sugar dissolves quickly when mixed on high for a couple minutes. No sugar chunks were found in this smooth sorbet.

Ingredients were mangoes, sugar, water, lime juice and lime zest. You can reduce the amount of sugar based on the sweetness of your mango. I added a bit more lime juice to our mix because we like the zing lime adds.

Mangos for Mango Sorbet without ice cream maker by

Now, as I said, I do not own an ice cream maker. So after you blend your mango mix until smooth, you pour everything into a freezer-safe bowl. A chilled metal bowl is preferred, although I used a plastic one. Pour your mango purée into the bowl, cover and put in the freezer. Here’s the tricky part. Every 30-45 minutes for 4 hours, remove your mango purée and re-mix everything together. This keeps the ice crystals from forming and saving your sorbet from turning into a giant mango ice cube. After 4 hours of freezing and re-mixing, let the sorbet freeze for 8 hours or until hard. This yields a little more than a quart of mango sorbet.

My family loved the idea that Mommy made ice cream (no use being picking with the distinctions!) and the flavor was awesome. Although not owning an ice cream machine may have added extra work on my part, it was still very easy to make. And since my family loved it so much, I’m thinking an ice cream maker is definitely in our future! If you own one, let me know what you think of yours! I’m thinking of this one by Cuisinart.

For the full recipe for Mango Sorbet, click here!


8 Responses to Mango Sorbet without Ice Cream Maker!

  1. Tim Bits at #

    looks yummy

    im gonna try it

  2. Timothy Nathan at #

    Beautiful as always, Laura!

  3. Adri at #

    That sounds great!

  4. Miranda at #

    Did you ever get your ice cream maker? That is the one I have and I think it’s great! Go for it!

    • Actually, yes, I now have an ice cream maker. It certainly is easier to make ice cream with a machine!

  5. Karen at #

    I followed your recipe and as far as I know I followed the directions correctly. After I stirred the sorbet over the 4 hours, your recipe said to let it freeze for 12 more. I did freeze it but did not get back to it till quite a bit after the 12 hours to find that it is now one solid chunk of mango ice…what do I do now ? Will I have to chip off blocks of the sorbet and partially defrost it each time ?

    • Hi Karen-

      Sorry to hear about your chunk of mango ice! You can let it soften in the fridge for about 15 minutes before serving, or carefully soften it in the microwave (like using the defrost setting) for a few seconds at a time. I hope that helps!


  6. Divapat at #

    I have a small Cuisinart ice cream maker — with two bowls — and I love it! I keep one bowl in the freezer and the other stays in the maker. Like your recipe, though. Am planning to make some mango sorbet in bulk for a church retreat — and this way would be much easier than trying to do smaller batches in my ice cream maker. Although fresh mangoes are currently plentiful — and cheap — at my local supermarket, I may try to use frozen chunks, since I’ll be serving 100+ folks! Thanks for sharing!

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