Grocery Deals and Recipes: Jan. 6 – Jan. 12

Okay, the holidays are over and Family Spice is ready to get back into finding the best grocery deals for you! If you are like me, you probably have some kidlets at home sick, or maybe you just recovered from a cold during your holidays. How many of you made resolutions for 2010? Planning on eating healthy? Well, have I got some great healthy, homemade cheap recipes for you!

Now that the holidays are over, the deals this week aren’t extremely exciting. Not that there aren’t some bargains out there. Chicken lovers will have a great time stocking up this week. You can get a whole fryer chicken at Albertsons for only 67¢/lb. I’ve got three or four in my spare freezer. Need just thighs and drumsticks? Henry’s Marketplace has them for 79¢/lb and 99¢/lb at Vons/Safeway. For boneless skinless chicken breast tenders (cut up strips) go to Vons/Safeway for a 3lb bag/$9.99 or Henry’s Marketplace for $2.99/lb. Another healthy meat choice, shrimp, is on sale at Vons/Safeway for $4.99/lb for Jumbo Raw Shrimp, 21-25 count, sold in 2lb bags. Can’t let go of red meat? Albertsons has untrimmed Tri-Tip Roasts for $1.99/lb. Ralphs/Kroger is selling ground chuck and ground sirloin for $1.99/lb. Also, London Broil is $2.99/lb at Albertsons.

The grocery stores are also on the healthy eating bandwagon, selling Fresh Express salad bags at Albertsons 2/$5 AND get up 10 5lbs of bananas free. Or go to Vons and buy one bag and get one free. Ralphs/Kroger has Fresh Selections Salad Blends for 99¢/ea. Also get Green Bell Peppers (79¢/ea Albertsons and Ralphs/Kroger), Broccoli Crowns (88¢/lb Henry’s), White or Baby Bella Mushrooms, Sliced (2/$5 Albertsons), Russet Potatoes (99¢/5lb bag Vons/Safeway) and Italian and Yellow Squash (99¢/lb Albertsons).

Fruit deals are great, too: Gala & Pink Lady apples (49¢/lb Ralphs/Kroger), Cherries ($2.99/lb Vons/Safeway), Red Grapefruit (2/$1 Ralphs/Kroger), Kiwi (3/$1 Albertsons and Ralphs/Kroger), Key Limes (1lb bag/ $1.50 Albertsons), Mangoes (3/$1 Albertsons), Cantaloupes (39¢/lb Vons/Safeway Saturday and Sunday only), Papaya (2/$5 Albertsons or 2lbs/$1 Ralphs/Kroger), Bartlett & Bosch Pears ((79¢/lb Ralphs/Kroger), D’Anjou Pears (77¢/lb Henry’s), Yellow Peaches & Nectarines (97¢/lb Henry’s), Navel Oranges ($1.99/4lb bag Albertsons) and Clementine Tangerines (2lbs/$3 Albertsons).

Other great grocery deals: Shredded and Chunk Cheese ($1.69/ea Albertsons), Margarine 89¢/ea Albertsons), Cottage Cheese ($2.99/32oz Albertsons), Capri Suns 10-pack ($1.49/ea with flyer coupon Saturday and Sunday only at Vons/Safeway), General Mills Cereal (2/$4 Albertsons) and Progresso Soups (99¢/ea with flyer coupon Friday through Sunday at Albertsons).

For more details on this week’s grocery deals, click here.

Have a healthy 2010!

Simple Roast Chicken (pictured above)

For $2 and change, you easily roast your own chicken instead of spending $6 on small chicken your grocer has roasted for you. The versatility of a roasted chicken is endless: top chicken on your favorite salad, make a sandwich or a wrap, use for chicken soup, or eat with a salad or roasted vegetables. It’s also very easy to do! For the recipe, click here!

Tri-Tip Roast

Whether you marinate it or serve it with a relish, here is another tastey roast that you can use for many purposes. Just like your roasted chicken, you can use leftovers for your salad, a sandwich, or serve with tacos/tortillas for a Mexican dinner. For a simple and easy tri-tip recipes, click here.

Papaya & Lime

Mexican Madarol Papayas can be found pretty inexpensively. The first time my husband and I opened one, the smell scared us and the taste was different than the smaller Hawaiin papaya. But, once we learned the best way to eat this fruit, with fresh lime juice, my family and I were hooked. And these babies are rich in vitamins, fiber and beta carotene. Want to try it yourself? Click here for the recipe.

Remember, a healthy, inexpensive homemade meal isn’t too far away with the help from Family Spice!

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