Pasta with Zucchini, Garlic and Olive Oil

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“Zucchini” is one of those words that I just can’t spell right the first time. I totally depend on my computer’s spell checker to make sure I am spelling it right. I don’t know what’s so difficult about remembering it. I’ve always thought I’ve been a good speller, but I keep wanting to drop a ‘c’ and add an ‘n.’ Then there’s “portobello” – I like to mess that one up, too, by spelling it “portabella.” Maybe it’s because that’s how I pronounce it?

Well, however you spell it, zucchini may be a summer fruit, but luckily for us, it’s available all year round. And I’m picky about eating this Italian Squash. If you over cook it, it becomes a soggy mess that is not very appetizing.

I first saw this Michael Chiarello recipe when my oldest was my only-est and only a few months old. Mr. Chiarello made this on some morning show and I sat there mesmerized, nursing my boy, on the couch. I totally wanted to make it. But, back then (sounds so old) recipes weren’t so easily available online and I soon forgot about the zucchinis, the pasta and Mr. Chiarello.

Fast-forward 9-1/2 years and 2 more kids later and I’m FINALLY making this lovely dish. It certainly was worth the wait. A mandoline is really required to make the zucchini uniform and julienned to perfection. I had one in my cupboards, purchased from our local fair 7-some-odd years ago. So you see, this recipe has been a long time coming!

Bon Appétit!

For the full recipe for Pasta with Zucchini, Garlic and Olive Oil, click here!

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  1. What a simple and healthy dish! It's making me hungry!

  2. I need to make these cookies immediately….they look amazing.Pasta is my favorite and thanks for sharing ….

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