Favorite Holiday Dessert: Orange Cranberry Cake

Nothing says Christmas like an Orange Cranberry Cake with sugared cranberries.

Orange Cranberry Cake by FamilySpice.com
I went berserk baking and cooking over the holidays. I made goodies for teachers at school, countless appetizers for the work potlucks and holiday parties, and not to mention dinners galore for visiting family members. One of my most favorite creations, was an Orange Cranberry Cake I made for our annual Christmas Eve dinner party. It was so delicious and aromatic I ate a slice everyday until it was gone. My neighbor across the street usually receives care packages of my creations (nothing like sharing the calories and the fat with your very best friends!). But, the cake was so good, and I was totally possessed that I couldn’t part with one crumb. Literally. When the cake was finally finished, I grabbed my fork and mashed all the crumbs together for the last bite. I found the recipe in my December issue of Family Circle Magazine and I posted it the recipe here!

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    This looks SO tasty!!! I will be heading on over to check out your site and attempt to duplicate it. Great picture.

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