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Mother's Day Mad Libs: Mommy's Little Helper by

Mother’s Day Mad Libs

Your kids will giggle and Mom will laugh and enjoy this FREE Mother’s Day Mad Libs printable. In my house, if it weren’t for the teachers at school, many a Mother’s Day would be forgotten and dismal. I love the fun poems, pictures and artwork my kiddos have made for me in the past. As […]

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Father's Day Mad Libs by

Father’s Day Mad Libs!

A little fun for Dad and the kiddos on Father’s Day – a Father’s Day Mad Libs! One of my favorite things to do with my kids for Father’s Day are crafts and activities that make their dad laugh. These are the memorable things that Dad holds on to over time. The teachers at school […]

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Father’s Day Worksheet

Here’s a fun and colorful Father’s Day worksheet for the kids to fill out to show how much they love their Daddy! In case you forgot, Father’s Day is this weekend! And despite my husband’s disdain for these “Hallmark Holidays,” we do celebrate and honor the joys of being a dad. And this Father’s Day, […]

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Natural Food Dyes For Easter Eggs by

Natural Food Dyes For Easter Eggs

You don’t need those artificial dyes and have fun with the kids to experiment making natural food dyes for your Easter eggs. Spring is here and Easter is around the corner. Time for chocolate bunnies, marshmallow peeps and eggs to dye. Tired of the usual store bought dyes? Go green this Spring and use natural […]

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DailyBuzz Moms 9×9: Deck The Doors!

My kids tell me that Christmas is five days away. They know this because our little Santa countdown tells us so. Each day the three kids take turns changing the cubes to one less day. They’ve been pretty considerate when it’s not their turn and remind the responsible sibling to not forget their designated chore. […]

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Easter Egg Fun.. Naturally!

You don’t have to celebrate Easter to have fun dying eggs. Many cultures use colored eggs to symbolize rebirth and fertility. For Persian New Year we display colorfully decorated eggs to symbolize the rebirth that takes place in nature during the Spring. Although Christianity holds the reins on Easter, they adopted this pagan symbol of […]

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