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My husband’s side of the family loves sour foods. They adore lemons and add it to everything. I had a hard time adjusting to my in-laws cooking when we first married because I come from a family that loves jams. The first time my husband cooked for me he made his mother’s sour chicken. After the meal, the intensity of the sourness led me to a mad dash to the bathroom with stomach spasms. Now I’ve learned to eat the sour stuff moderately.

My mom’s side of the family adores jams of all kinds. It is not uncommon to find a plate of bread, feta and jam on the table after a big meal.

“A little sweet helps with the digestion.”

The first time my husband saw this he was floored. Jam is for breakfast, and definitely not HIS breakfast.

It’s that ying-yang thing, I suppose. With a Persian twist, of course.

I have a garage full of wonderful Valencia oranges from our trip to the orange orchards a couple weeks ago. Our refrigerator has been full of fresh orange juice and the house has been smelling sweetly orangey.

(sigh) I love oranges.

Zesting oranges for Valencia Orange Marmalade

My mother loves orange marmalade and since she was still visiting us, I made some Valencia Orange Marmalade for her to take back to Texas.

I am not a marmalade fan, especially of store-bought marmalade. It tends to be overly sweet, bitter from giant chunks orange rind and more sugary than orange in flavor.

I made my zest fine, using a zester (not a grater, mind you) for my zest. And I used juiced my glorious Valencia oranges and kept the pulp, too, for added texture and flavor. The seeds were tucked away in a cheese cloth packet because they release natural pectin for the marmalade.

Juicing oranges for Valencia Orange Marmalade

I may not share this marmalade after all.

You can even kick in out of the stratosphere with a dash of orange blossom water or Grand Marnier.

I am in orange heaven right now.

Click here for the Valencia Orange Marmalade Recipe.


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  1. I absolutely love homemade marmalade's — these looks so yummy 🙂

  2. Yum! My other half loves Marmalade and our veg box scheme is having a big offer on oranges at the moment so I might have to try this! Thanks for the recipe. Sam

  3. This marmalade is gorgeous and it looks so delicious! Perfect for toasts or muffins!

  4. Ann at #

    Stunning! I'm hoping to make jams this year – my first time canning! I can't wait to try!

  5. Orange heaven – no kidding! Those pictures are gorgeous. I love orange marmalade when it's homemade…and your suggestion of a little Grand Marnier sounds decadent. Yum!

  6. lovely ! nice recipe and indeed looks heavenly

  7. I love that you did not use large chunks of orange here…so much better! This looks wonderful 🙂

  8. We love orange marmalade and your recipe sounds so good! I love the last photo – so cute!

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