Pomegranate with Golpar

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Pomegranate with Golpar There are some things in Farsi that easy to translate into English. Then you find these Persian proverbs and sayings and they completely lose their meaning in English. Then there are  the Persian words that have absolutely no English equivalent. But, I suppose most languages have this problem with English. For example, “pomegranate” in Farsi is anar (a-naar). That’s easy. And many Persians enjoy their pomegranate with the spice, golpar. But what is golpar? Most spice companies list golpar as “angelica powder.” Wikipedia and other sources say this is not correct, that golpar is really ground seeds from Persian Hogweed (Heracleum persicum). What I do know is that Americans just don’t use this stuff. It can only be found online and in Middle-Eastern markets. Golpar is extremely aromatic and slightly bitter. Persians also like to sprinkle this spice over fava beans, torshi (pickled vegetables) and other vegetarian dishes. For those of you who have found golpar, here are some other recipes featuring this very magical spice:

Store golpar in a glass jar, as it can totally overwhelm your pantry if kept in a ziploc bag. And did I mention it’s pomegranate season??????!!!

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7 Responses to Pomegranate with Golpar

  1. That must have been the spice that my wonderful Iranian friend Mehri used that I couldn’t figure out. She didn’t know what it was “in American”, she said. I’m going to try to find it here.

  2. Ah, how I love things exotic… thank you for sharing this information. So interesting!

  3. I’ve read about golpar but didn’t have a clue what it was (pretty typical for me, some might say). Now I do! And it’s always pomegranate season in your house!

  4. Such an exotic spice. Need to hunt some down, soon 😉

  5. Now I’m really curious about it. Also curious if I’ll see it used in the Persian cookbook I bought earlier this year (Food of Life). Guess I’ll have to order golpar now. :)

  6. Sara villiers at #

    Where can I buy hogweed?

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