Nutrition Maximized

by Apameh Bashar RD, CNSD

As parents we look for ways to make sure our kids eat a healthy balanced diet. This becomes problematic when children are picky eaters and may not meet their nutrient needs for the day.

There are easy ways to fortify foods so children receive optimal calories, protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber.
The following are a few tips to maximize the nutrition power in the foods you may prepare for your kiddos.

1. Make oatmeal with 1% or 2% milk instead of water.
2. Keep flax meal handy and add it to foods like casseroles, soups, oatmeal, etc.
3. Mix in milk when make scrambled eggs. Add whipped cream cheese as you’re scrambling the egg; it not only adds calories but makes the egg softer.
4. Use heart healthy canola and olive oils in your recipes.
5. In making home made soups, oatmeal may be added as one of the first ingredients for added fiber.
6. Shredded carrots and fine chopped spinach added to spaghetti sauce provide additional antioxidants.
7. Make fruit smoothies with a variety of berries, fresh or frozen, yogurt and 100% juice. Avoid juice cocktails.
8. For additional protein in smoothies, add dry skim milk powder while blending.
9. Broccoli slaw is always a great addition to salads in case kids are averse to the whole vegetable.
10. Sandwiches may be made with “Double Fiber” bread. Each slice provides 6 grams of fiber!

Get creative when adding nutritious foods to your child’s diet. You will find it’s easier to change a 5 year old’s eating habits than a 35 year old’s!


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