Grocery Deals and Recipes: Oct. 21 – Oct. 27

Well, after a great week of deals last week, this week is a bit of a downer. Again, nothing Earth-shattering in the grocery arena, although San Diego’s local grocer, Henry’s Marketplace, has some fabulous deals with their fresh produce. It is times like these that you dip into your stockpile in the freezer and enjoy a cheap, delicious meal with the family. And another friendly reminder to look to your smaller markets to find your own fabulous grocery deals.

On the beef front, you can get T-Bone steaks at Ralphs/Kroger for only $3.97/lb. Albertsons has untrimmed tri-tip roast available this Friday through Sunday for only $1.99/lb. Pork is a great-tasting lean meat that is on sale this week. Get a pork loin boneless roast for $1.97/lb at Vons/Safeway or a bone-in picnic roast (can be used in most recipes asking for a pork shoulder roast) at Ralphs/Kroger for 99¢/lb. I’m not too impressed with the chicken deals, we’ve seen cheaper, but you can get boneless skinless chicken breast for $1.77/lb at Albertsons.

Seafood deals vary in different regions in the country, but in Southern California you can get catfish or swai fillets for $2.99/lb at Ralphs/Kroger, and Tilapia Fillets for $2.99/lb at Ralphs/Kroger or Albertsons.

The apple deals of weeks past are luke warm, with the average price per pound to be about $1. Red seedless grapes are a great price at Vons/Safeway for only 77¢/lb. You can get a bunch of celery for only 79¢/each, red or white onions for 79¢/lb and Bartlett or Bosc pears for 99¢/lb all on sale at Ralphs/Kroger this week. Crooked yellow neck squash and zucchini is on sale at Vons/Safeway for 10lbs/$10. Roma tomatoes are available at Ralphs/Kroger for 99¢/lb while Albertsons has vine-ripe tomatoes for 99¢/lb.

Need a pumpkin? Depending on the size you want, Albertsons sells them by the pound, only 39¢/lb. Other stores have a flat price per pumpkin, with the average price of $5 per pumpkin. Vons/Safeway this weekend only, has a good deal on pumpkins, buy one get one for free (also known as BOGO in the coupon world).

On the dairy front, search for your Vons/Safeway and look for the coupon to get an 18-count of large eggs for only $1.49/each. Albertsons has 16oz sour cream for 10/$10.

Need Halloween candy? Buy an iTunes gift card of $15 or more and get $5 off your candy purchase. Add in some coupons and you really score a great deal on Halloween candy!

Tri-Tip Roast with Sun-Dried Tomato and Roasted Pepper Relish

Tri-tip is a great cut of meat to serve a crowd and can be prepared on the grill or roasted in the oven. This recipe lets the flavor of the meat shine by keeping it simple. It is served with a great relish made of roasted red bell pepper, sun-dried tomatoes and capers. Serve with roasted vegetables or mashed potatoes. For the full recipe, click here.

Smoked Pulled Pork Barbeque Sliders

Who says you can’t grill in the fall??? Need some party eats for your Halloween party next week? Offer up some fabulous pulled pork sliders. Use a pork butt roast or a pork picnic roast and serve with some serious cole slaw. Sliders are fun to pop in your mouth and are kid-sized. Serve the barbeque sauce on the side if you have picky eaters. For the full recipe, click here.

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