Sinful Chocolate Nutella Cookies

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**** Warning! **** Dangerously addictive cookie recipe to follow!!!
Make at your own risk!!!!

Oh, Nutella, how I love thee.
You taste divine,
and oh-so-chocolatey.

When you are near me,
I must grab a spoon.
I take a scoop,
Mmmm… texture so smooth.

What, oh! You are gone!
I finished the jar?
I won’t fit in my jeans now!

Okay, it doesn’t totally rhyme, but it truly expresses my relationship with Nutella.

What, you dare ask, is Nutella?

Nutella is an amazing chocolate-hazlenut spread. It is as smooth as your creamiest peanut butter and it is incredibly addicting. When I was pregnant, stressed or just needed a chocolate fix, a small spoonful would tide me over. But, alas, some cruel man has created a cookie with this wonderful concoction, and my thighs will not be in happy state as a result.

I found this recipe for Chocolate Nutella Cookies on Simply Recipes. Garret from Vanilla Garlic posted the recipe. The name says it all, and I don’t need to expand on this amazing cookie. But I will say, they are good and they disappear fast. I brought them to a pool party this summer and I watched the cookies fly away. Moms and kids couldn’t get enough of them, and no one could eat just one.

The Professor loved them so much, he told the dental hygienist all about them a week later during his semi-annual cleaning. Now I owe the office a batch of these babies!

So don’t say I didn’t warn you. Bake these and plan accordingly. You might as well jog in place while you eat them to make sure your thighs and butt remain intact!

For the full recipe for Chocolate Nutella Cookies, click here.

And for more recipes, dangerously addicting and healthy, visit Family Spice.



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