Roasted Summer Vegetables

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Roasted Summer Vegetables by Family

If you haven’t noticed, this week I am taking a break from desserts. Not because I haven’t been making any desserts my house, but to highlight my garden vegetables. I’ve kept dinners simple this week since the kids are in a beach camp. This is their major camp for this summer and they are HAVING A BLAST. Me? I’m pooped. Shuttling them back and forth to a 3-hour camp that’s 20 miles away, in a highly tourist-congested part of Mission Bay. But that’s my job.

This is a simple post for a simple recipe.

One night the hubby pulled out an assortment of vegetables from our veggie garden. Needing something to go with our fish that night, I roasted them.

I love to roast the veggies. They taste heavenly when roasted.

Simply high heat, veggies, EVOO, salt & pepper.


Some fresh thyme & lemon juice.


It’s on the table.

Here is the full recipe for Roasted Summer Vegetables.

‘Nuf said.

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  1. I love roasted veggies as well…these look wonderful :)

  2. Ann at #

    I frequently say – it's amazing how the simple recipes are always the best. This one looks like the best…

    Absolutely amazing!

  3. delicious looking roasted vegetables looks wonderful

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