Father’s Day Mad Libs!

A little fun for Dad and the kiddos on Father’s Day – a Father’s Day Mad Libs!

Father's Day Mad Libs by FamilySpice.com

One of my favorite things to do with my kids for Father’s Day are crafts and activities that make their dad laugh. These are the memorable things that Dad holds on to over time. The teachers at school are pretty awesome and make sure Mom gets a Mother’s Day gift in May. But, I’ve noticed, that since school gets out before Father’s Day, Dad gets forgotten in the classroom.

I have already shared a popular Father’s Day Worksheet with you, which is great for the younger kids. Today I am sharing one of my kids’ favorite activities – Mad Libs! You know, the sheet with a story where one person asks another to provide a random verb, noun, adjective and such, without knowing what the story is about. When finished, the story is then read back with these crazy sentences, everyone laughs and moves on to fill out another. I loved Mad Libs when I was a kid, and my kids love filling them out today.

My boys were awesome and helped me put together this Father’s Day Mad Libs. My Princess nagged and nagged me until it was ready to print for her to fill out! She’s taking a few to do at school today. I hope your kids will laugh and giggle while they fill it out with their Dad.

Click here for the Father’s Day Mad Libs.

And for the Mother’s Day: Mother’s Day Mad Libs


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