Autumn’s Bounty: Fresh Red Pears

Autumn's Bounty: Red Pears

Just a little note to tell you that tomorrow marks the first day of fall. Doesn’t that make you want to open your arms up wide and say, “Hello, Fall! How have you been? Give me some love!” My family and I will mark the occasion with these gorgeous red pears I found at the market. I am not going to bake them, or poach them or even cook with them. I’m just gonna take a giant bite and let those juices dribble down my chin.

Oh yeah….

How will you be celebrating the first day fall?

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  1. Nothing says fall to me like a juicy pear – now, can you make fall weather appear tomorrow? So tired of this humidity and heat…

  2. Beautiful pears! I have yet to have any this season – must track some down!

  3. Gosh this year has been rushing by! Fall already – I literally forgot, so thanks for the reminder! And pears are great in fall – we’ve been enjoying them the last few weeks.

  4. Eha at #

    [Giggle!] . . . Yup, had a green pear of indeterminate age from the supermarket a few minutes back . . . BUT, have just planted a heap of pots of heirloom cavolo nero [black kale] an hour back, together with heaps of chillies, herbs and the last of the tomatoes to go!! Welcome spring – such a beautiful sunny 26 degree C here too!! [OK, not very nice, but – now it is our turn 🙂 !].

  5. Just gorgeous! Celebrating the first day of fall with my son’s football game, then my daughters soccer game, then hopefully, a whole lot of R & R! Congrats on your cookbook! And, sorry to hear about all the homework….not looking forward to next year when my daughter starts middle school…Enjoy the first day of fall!

  6. I have to say I’ve never tried red pears before! Haha gorgeous pears and elegant idea of poached pears, then your comment of “take a giant bite and let those juices dribble down my chin.”…. you crack me up. 😀

  7. Beautiful photo Laura! I love everything about autumn, so glad to welcome it.

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