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Book, product review policy: You can find over 480 recipes, most of which are my own, here on my blog. I periodically write about some of my travels with my family. Most of my product reviews are very pertinent to my blog and my cooking philosophy. They tend to be cooking ingredients and cooking products. I also review cookbooks from time to time, again, as long as it fits my blog. I focus on real meals, mostly unprocessed, from all around the globe. I will not accept goods in exchange for a guaranteed review. If I mention a company, event or product, it’s because I like it, have used it myself, and truly believe in it.

Recipe Development: I thoroughly enjoy getting down and dirty in the kitchen, creating new recipes. Some companies I have developed recipes for include: Newman’s OwnHeartland Pasta, Davidson’s Safest Choice Eggs, The Mushroom ChannelPOM WonderfulCalifornia Avocado CommissionNew Belguim Brewing CompanyFrieda’s Produce and Idaho Potato Commission.

My recipes and photographs have been published in multiple websites including The Huffington Post, Yahoo Shine, BlogHer, PBS Parents Kitchen Explorers, Katie Brown Home WorkshopFrieda’s ProduceNewman’s Own and Davidson’s Safest Choice Eggs, to name a few. You can also find my work in various food porn sites, too, like FoodgawkerTastespottingGojee and Food Porn Daily.

I have also appeared on Fox 5 San Diego’s Morning Show.

Cookbook Publication: I am also an award-winning cookbook author! The need to create runs very strong in me, and I collaborated with fellow food blogger, Mary Platis (California Greek Girl), to write and photograph our first ebook, Cooking Techniques with Olive Oil. Our ebook received the Gold medal winner of the Global Ebook Award from Dan Poynter.

The response was so positive that we were encouraged to bring our book to print. And we did. Mary and I have self-published our own 132-page hardback cookbook. We added more information, more recipes and more photographs! My graphic design background came in handy as I did all the photography and book design myself. You can purchase our book here.

In May 2014, I will be speaking at Camp Blogaway all about self-publishing. Click here to see my schedule of classes and public appearances.

How we can work together:

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  • Product reviews
  • Represent your brand at an event or conference.

Ads on this site: Please contact me at Laura <at> familyspice <dot> com if you would like to advertise on Family Spice.

Contact: If you would like to contact me about any business opportunities, your cooking philosophy, whether the Chargers will ever make it to the Super Bowl, or anything at all, you can email me here:Laura <at> familyspice <dot> com