About Me


Hi, I’m Laura, the voice behind Family Spice for the past 8 years. Wait. Did I really say 8 YEARS??? Holy cow!

I am a stay-at-home-mom to three glorious children and a wife to one heck of a lucky man. We live in mostly sunny San Diego and we love our life here! We are a scouting family, hubs is the scoutmaster to my boys’ Boy Scout troop. My daughter is the youngest and is totally into singing and dancing and just being silly.

I started blogging 8 YEARS AGO as a way to express myself creatively. I left my career in advertising as an account executive and graphic designer to stay home and raise my kidlets.

And I would never change this. I love being home with these guys.

Growing up, I enjoyed cooking and helping my own mother in the kitchen, from Persian food to Cajun. Cooking new things never intimidated me. And with a meticulous husband who refuses to eat a boring casserole, I found myself searching for meals that would satisfy all five of us every single night. My cooking experience gave birth to this blog.

Getting creative in the kitchen, combining fresh ingredients, contrasting flavors, exotic spices and multiple cooking techniques from all over the world continues to be my passion today.

My philosophy to cooking is: If you can read, you can read a recipe. If you can read a recipe, you can cook.

Kinda like in the movie, “Ratatouille.”

“Anyone can cook”.~ Auguste Gusteau

I am also an award-winning cookbook author! The need to create runs very strong in me, and I collaborated with fellow food blogger, Mary Platis (California Greek Girl), to write and photograph our first cookbook, Cooking Techniques with Olive Oil. Our ebook received the Gold medal winner of the Global Ebook Award from Dan Poynter.

The response was so positive that we were encouraged to bring our book to print. And we did. Mary and I have self-published our own 132-page hardback cookbook. We added more information, more recipes and more photographs! My graphic design background came in handy as I did all the photography and book design myself.

Educating the world about extra virgin olive oil has grown into another passion of mine. We are so extraordinarily careful about the ingredients we cook with and put into our bodies yet so many of you are cooking with rancid, poor quality oils. And with all of the myths out there about cooking with extra virgin olive oil, Mary and I tackle them all. To learn more, you can purchase our cookbook here.

To sum up who I am: I love getting creative in the kitchen. I love photography. I hate washing the dishes.

For advertising and PR requests, you can learn more here or just email me at Laura AT familyspice DOT com.

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