Barbie Cake


This easy to make Barbie cake makes the perfect birthday cake for any Barbie lover!

All you need is my 3-layer strawberry cake recipe or 2 boxes of cake mix.

Divide cake batter into one 9-bundt pan and two 6-inch cake pans and bake.

Once cooled, remove center of each 6-inch cakes.

Start stacking the cakes, bundt cake first, adding frosting in between the layers.

Carve the cake to make it look like a dress or a bell.

When you like the shape, apply crumb coat and chill.

Get your buttercream and Barbie ready.

Starting from the bottom with the darkest color, pipe a row of rosettes. For each layer, lighten the color for a pink ombre effect.

Add Barbie and pipe rosettes to the top of the cake.

Pipe stars on her bodice and fill up any gaps between the rosettes.

For full  details click on the link below.