Click on the link below to find my clear and detailed steps on how to make a unicorn cake with rainbow layers.

You will need 2 box white cake mixes then divide that batter by 6. Dye each bowl a different color: red, orange...

... green, yellow...

...blue and purple. Bake cakes and let them cool.

Use my template to cut the unicorn ears. You will cut the outside ear as well as the inside.

Use edible gold dust and almond extract to make edible gold paint for the inner ear and unicorn horn.

Roll out a long tapered piece of white fondant for the unicorn horn.

Wrap fondant around a bamboo skewer to make the unicorn horn then paint it gold. Let it dry overnight.

Once golden inner ear is dry, place ears on a small rolling pin to dry overnight.

Once cooled, it's time to assemble. Use homemade or store-bought frosting.

Frost completely in white.

Start piping the mane onto your cake. I used lilac frosting and a large star tip to pipe these rosettes. Click on the link below for the exact piping tips I used.

Use assorted frosting colors and piping tips to finish the unicorn mane.

Go as crazy as you want! Add gold sprinkles for more sparkle.

Add the ears and horn. Pipe the eyes and lashes and you're done!

For full details and step-by-step directions slick on the link below!