Saffron comes from the three red stigmas inside the crocus flower. Grown in high altitude, they are hand-picked, collected and dried for distribution.

So why is it so expensive?  It takes approximately 75,000 crocus flowers to produce 1-pound of saffron. 

When purchasing saffron, look for long crimson threads.

Use a mortar and pestle to grind your saffron, then steep in hot water.

Saffron and yogurt make a wonderful marinade for Persian chicken kebab (joojeh kabab).

You can also make chicken kabobs in the oven with this dry rub chicken seasoning that includes saffron!

Elevate your roast chicken dinner with some golden saffron butter.

Aromatic basmati rice is topped with saffron rice and potato crust for a wonderful side dish.

Tahchin is a baked Persian saffron rice cake that includes chicken and is garnished with barberries (zereshk).

These golden saffron mashed potatoes is an elegant twist on a classic dish.

Sholeh Zard is a wonderful Persian rice pudding made with saffron, rosewater and almonds.

These Persian saffron raisin cookies are aromatic, buttery and are amazing!

This delicious no churn Persian ice cream (bastani) is made with rosewater, saffron and pistachios.

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