Persian Tahchin

Tahchin is a delicious and aromatic Persian rice dish made with saffron. This Persian Saffron Rice Cake includes a layer of shredded chicken and topped with barberries, pistachios and almond slivers.

INGREDIENTS YOU NEED: Basmati Rice Yogurt Eggs Saffron Butter Barberries Pistachios Almond Slivers Sugar Salt and Pepper

Crush saffron then add hot water. Let it steep like tea and set aside.

Season chicken then brown both sides.

Add lemon juice, lower temperature and simmer until cooked through.

Shred chicken and mix in a little saffron water.

Parboil rice until cooked halfway then drain well.

Whisk together egg yolks and yogurt.

Whisk in remaining saffron water until mixture is golden yellow in color.

Add drained rice and mix until no white rice is visible.

Spread half of rice mixture into a buttered dish.

Add shredded chicken over the layer of golden rice.

Cover shredded chicken with remaining rice mixture.

Cover with foil then bake for 90 minutes.

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