oven beef jerky


no dehydrator needed!

This tried and true recipe for homemade oven beef jerky recipe is full of flavor and has the perfect chewable jerky texture.

Eye of round Worcestershire sauce Soy sauce Water Liquid smoke Ground black pepper Garlic powder Onion powder Ginger powder


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Freeze meat for 1 hour then use meat slicer or sharp knife to slice against the grain into ⅛ to ¼-inch thick strips.


Cut out any large deposits of visible fat you find in your slices. Fat causes spoilage.


Place the beef slices into a resealable bag with marinade ingredients and massage. Refrigerate overnight.


Line work surface with paper towels. Remove beef slices  and place one layer over the paper towels.

Cover meat with more paper towels and continue adding layers until all of the meat is removed from the marinade.


Remove meat from paper towels and place in a single layer onto baking racks. You can use more than one.


Place in oven and bake at 170ºF with oven door propped open with kitchen towel.


Bake for 1 hour, then turn oven off for 30 minutes. Bake again for 1 hour at 170ºF and continue this until beef  is dry to touch. 

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