Persian New Year

The first day of Spring falls on March 20th, the spring equinox. And the first day on the Iranian calendar (Nowruz/Norouz/Noruz) is also the first day of spring.

The celebration of Nowruz dates back over 3000 years ago during the Zorastrian rule of the Persian Empire.

The night before the last Wednesday of the year is chaharshanbe soori. People jump over fire to start the new year cleansed.

The haft seen is a setting prepared on a cloth that includes seven specific and symbolic items starting with the letter ‘S’. 

The main course is usually sabzi pollo ba mahi, basmati rice with green herbs served with fish.

This kuku sabzi is an aromatic quiche filled with six different herbs and greens that is also served for nowruz.

Ash Reshteh is a traditional Persian vegetarian soup made with noodles, beans, lentils and herbs.

Persian sweets like saffron rice pudding, sholeh zard, is also served.

In Iran, the Nowruz celebration lasts for 13 days. On the final day, Sizdah Bedar, families go outside for a picnic and throw out the sabzeh.

Nowruz is celebrated by all Persians of all religions.

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