Koobideh Kebab  (Ground Beef Kebab)


Koobideh Kebab is a popular Persian kabob made with ground meat and onions. It is formed onto flat metal skewers and cooked over hot coals.

You can make koobideh kebab with ground beef, lamb or even chicken!

Grate onions in a food processor until smooth, for about 2 minutes

Place the onion mixture into a blender and puree until smooth

Strain out extra onion juice, but reserve it. Don't discard it!

Place ground meat and salt in alternating layers with the onion mixture in food processor.

Blend mixture. Add onion juice little by little if dry. Mixture should have some elasticity.

Put mixture in a big bowl and knead like dough. The more you knead the kabob mix, the lighter the kebab.

After mixture has sat in the fridge for a few hours, slide a baseball size amount of meat onto skewer. Squeeze the meat flat as you position it onto the skewer.

Using two fingers to mimic scissors, pinch both ends of the kabob meat, cutting off any excess. Also softly squeeze down the skewer leaving ridges.

Grill kebab over hot coals. Turn the skewers every minute to evenly cook. If you wait too long  one side will cook too much and your kabob will fall off the skewer.

You don't need a fancy grill to cook koobideh kebab. My grandmother would use this small grill on her balcony.

Serve with basmati rice, grilled tomatoes, fresh herbs and sumac!