Creamed  Kale and Spinach Greens

With the addition of chard, kale and/or beet greens, your classic creamed spinach gets a nutritional upgrade without skimping on flavor!

Ingredients you need:

Melt butter then sauté chopped onions until they soften.

Stir in garlic then add chopped greens and cook until softened and wilted.

Stir in cream cheese, breaking it down while it melts. Mix the melted cheese into the greens.

When mixture is smooth and creamy, stir in heavy cream, hot sauce and seasonings.

Turn off heat and stir in the rest of the cheeses.

Transfer into a shallow baking dish and top with crushed crackers.

Bake for 30 minutes at 375ºF (190ºC) until top is lightly browned and sauce is bubbly.

For full recipe details and nutritional information click on the link below.