Yes, I’m Still Here.

My title says it all. Yes, I’m still here. Things have been a little quiet here on the blog, not because I have quit cooking, blogging or photography. I have been taking a little selfish break. As I stated on a previous post, my resolution for 2012 is to take some serious me-time to get my health and my life back in order again. And, that’s exactly how I’ve spent my first 9 days of the new year.

For one thing, I signed up with my blogging buddy, Stacy, from The Little Blue Hen and Center Stage Wellness. Stacy is a Holistic Health Coach and she offered a free 5-day January Jumpstart to get me headed in the right direction in the new year.

Did you know that 75% of New Years Resolutions are maintained past the first week of the new year? It drops to 64% after one month and 46% after 6 months. It makes you not want to resolve to do anything at all, actually.

And that’s what I usually did in the past.

But, after a year of various health troubles, the lost desire to work out or take care of myself and just generally feeling crappy and dissatisfied, I vowed to make 2012 different.

I signed up for Stacy’s January Jumpstart and found a little community of support. I learned that it was not just about food and exercise. Duh. We all know that.

It’s that little voice in your head that brings you down. The feeling of not having any power to change anything in your life. The inability to see the good things you have in your life. For me, being a stay-at-home-mom, it meant that I took care of everyone except for me. Somehow, over time, I got lost in the equation.

My 5 days with Stacy helped me focus and keep on track with my decision for a healthier year.

I worked out first thing in the morning. I didn’t let the laundry, the dishes, my errands or my blog come ahead of my work out.

I ate healthy – no bread, no pasta, no sugar.

Well, a couple small pieces of dark chocolate covered pomegranate bites did find their way to me. They ARE full of antioxidants, you know.

I wrote down what I ate for the first week, how much water I drank, how much I exercised. I talked with friends and learned their tricks of staying on healthy path. I walked 3 miles a day, in the glorious San Diego sunshine to uplift my spirits.

My friend, Karin, walked with me one day with her exercise gadget from Garmin and she was able to show me everything I wanted to know about our walk together.

Every morning Stacy had an activity for me to ponder over in my head, to help readjust my thinking.

And I’m happy to say that I’m on the right track. Even after 9 days. Of course, a bad cold over the weekend didn’t help my cause. I mean seriously, who gets sick living in San Diego with 75ºF weather in January? I decided to take the cold to be a sign of me needing some serious sleep and I slept Sunday away.

Yes, the hubby didn’t appreciate that, but I had a good excuse. I was sick.

The old me would have let that cold bring me down and derail my mindset, but I won’t let it this time. I will not let myself be one of those 46% who have given up their resolution by February.

No way.

And when I’m down, I’ll stray over to Stacy’s blog and get some tweets of wisdom to get me going again.

I’m working on some healthier recipes. Like a gluten-free, low-carb bread, like this Gluten-Free Banana-Blueberry Bread. Still working on the recipe, folks. Almost there.

I have also been having fun with quinoa, mixing it with different vegetables, enjoying it for breakfast… all kinds of things.

And of course, I’m still buried in oranges, and I can’t wait to show you all the recipes I’ve developed with these lovelies. So, back to juicing I go!

I promise to pick up the pace again in February, so please understand my little slow down this month as I focus a bit on myself. I have great changes coming to the blog and the website in the coming months, too. I’m super excited about to tell you about that when I’m able.

I’l end this post with a little story. A young woman knocked on my door during the holidays and I was prepared to hear another pitch to sell me magazines. I was ready to say no the second I opened the door, but this young mom was brimming with excitement. I’m assuming what she told me was true. She was in her early 20’s with a young son. She was using this opportunity to better her life and to lift herself from poverty. Yes, I bought a magazine subscription from her, to support her cause. But, what I share with you was afterwards, she asked me for advice, woman to woman.

I told her to never give up on her dream, no matter who (or what) brought her down. I told her that her worst enemy was herself, and as long as she believed in herself, anything was possible. I also told her that if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will, either.

Somehow, along the way, I had forgotten my own advice.

Don’t be part of the 46% that drops your resolutions by the end of the month. I refuse to be.

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  1. Trixie at #

    I am SO proud of you! You already know this, but you'll become a better mom and wife by focusing on yourself first. I am looking forward to healthier and happier days for you, my friend! I'll be more than happy to accompany you on a hike or long walk, or even a healthy lunch, just ask! Rock on, Laura 🙂

  2. Stacy at #

    So proud of you, Laura! =)

  3. Very VERY inspirational post. I need to read this post again when I'm about to lose my new year resolution. I am happy that you are trying to get yourself back. my change is not as dynamic as yours but I'm also trying to do exercise and eat heathier. I still eat carb (that's hard to stop at this moment) but I'm really working on my portion per meal. It's tough but I have to do it. And I'm going to sleep before 12am! LOL. I probably need to adjust along the way (maybe to sleep like 11pm) but I am going to keep it. Last year's resolution was to keep blogging and I kept it. It's time to get balance next! Good luck Laura! I'll be watching you to get motivation from you!!!

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