Why it is Good to be ME: Pomegranate Shirley Temple

Celebrate life’s special moments with this twist to a childhood classic mocktail: The Pomegranate Shirley Temple! Sponsored by Seagrams Ginger Ale.

The Pomegranate Shirley Temple by FamilySpice.com

Here’s a secret: I live the high life. It’s a glamorous life! I get manicures every month. My lovely curls are coiffed at the salon. I’m into fashion and my husband whisks me off on exotic trips around the world. Every Saturday night is date night, so we can fan our flame of love.


Let’s get real, okay?

My daily attire includes anything with elastic plus a soft cotton t-shirt. My frizzy hair is pulled up in a ponytail. My neighbor warns me when I’m too disheveled to be seen in public. Flip-flops adorn my sad, un-pampered feet.

Our exotic vacations are always by minivan, with our three delightful children squabbling in the back. When I want to “travel,” I go online and live vicariously through my Facebook friends and blogging buddies. They take me to Italy, France, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and New York!

I leave comments, “So happy for you! You look terrific! Have fun!” while sitting in my baggy pajamas while the kids argue in the background.

No, I don’t live the high life, lush life, or pampered life. But seriously, I do have a marvelous life. It’s so good to be me! When the hubby and I do escape for a date, we choose restaurants that do not offer a kids’ menu. We drink, we laugh, we celebrate life!

As a kid, my parents celebrated our special moments at nice restaurants. My celebration drink was always Seagram’s Ginger Ale. It was special! It was bubbly! I pretended it was champagne!

And last week, I just watched my eldest graduate from elementary school. It’s a milestone. It’s bittersweet.

To celebrate we threw a big family party in his honor. And of course, we didn’t forget the Seagram’s Ginger Ale. No, it’s not at a five-star restaurant in Paris. It’s at home, surrounded by loved ones.

All kidding aside, I have a great life. And it’s so good to be me!

Pomegranate Shirley Temple

Traditionally made with grenadine, a pomegranate based sweet syrup, it tends to be more sugary than fruity. By using no-sugar added pomegranate concentrate, the fruit flavor (and color) is more intense. Recipe by Laura Bashar of Family Spice


  • 1 cup ice
  • 6 oz ginger ale
  • 1 oz pomegranate concentrate


  1. Fill a glass with:
    • 1 cup ice
  2. Pour into the glass:
    • 6 oz ginger ale
    • 1 oz pomegranate concentrate
  3. Stir to combine & serve immediately.

Prep Time:

Yield: Serves 1

This post was sponsored by Seagram’s Ginger Ale. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t blog about it!


12 Responses to Why it is Good to be ME: Pomegranate Shirley Temple

  1. Oh, I’m loving that drink – this reminds me of ordering a Shirley Temple as a “special” drink long ago. Gorgeous color!

  2. Yup, sitting here reading this, hair in a ponytail, baby napping, dishes to do – it’s not always glamorous, but I wouldn’t change my life either!

    Thanks for sharing. The drink looks delicious – wonderful colour!

  3. Eha at #

    Oh Laura, now you have let the cat out of the bag, haven’t you!! What is the easiest travel route out of Australia, do you think? To the US, Canada, Mexico, England, Scandinavia and all points N, S, E and W 🙂 ! All within an hour or so? I happen to be sitting here, quite late in the evening in a very comfortable nightgown and warm Ugg boots [? for you?] and just wish I had that beautiful Pomegranate . . . mmm . . . perhaps it would not quite be a Shirley Temple!!!! And congratulations to parents and son!

  4. Actually, I am a secret ginger ale junkie myself – truly. At cocktail parties, I tend to order one and pretend it is something stronger, just watching others get bombed. I have a recipe for making the stuff homemade but have yet to try it.

  5. ” . . . fan our flame of love .” Good line! And Seagram’s is the only ginger ale worth having. Which reminds me, it’s been ages since I’ve had a ginger ale! And I’ve never had a Shirley Temple. Although (unless I get too busy) I’m going to be making my own homemade grenadine in a bit, so who knows what I’ll do with it? Really fun post – thanks.

  6. Lana at #

    Laura, I had to snicker while I read your post:) My sister and her husband travel the world (they live in Germany where they are alotted 6 weeks of vacation time! Plus, my BIL is a scuba instructor and he takes groups all over for diving). Of course, they don’t have kids and they are free to roam around while I live vicariously looking from the photos from Maldives, Thailand, Tahiti, Costa Rica, and Egypt.
    Yeah, yeah, I love my sister, but I cannot wait to get out of my pajamas and be glamorous:) As if:)
    But our lives are glamorous in so many other ways, right?
    Loved your post!

  7. Ginger beer for me all the way.
    I like the fact that you obviously remind yourself often of what you have and you don’t dwell too much on what you don’t. More people should have your philosophy on life.

  8. The little things make life special. Not salon perfect hair (mine is always a mess). I love your outlook 🙂

  9. Kathia at #

    I want to let you know the you’r being nominated for an award, check out my blog for details http://www.basicndelicious.blogspot.com.

  10. A cute, bubbly drink. Thanks for sharing!

  11. First of all, congrats on your son’s graduation from elementary school! Yes, that’s a huge milestone! You are really funny, Laura. I love your writing style. You are not that different from me! Elastic pants? Oh I’m wearing it right now. LOL. Hmm, what a pretty drink!

  12. congrats to your son 🙂
    the ginger ale looks wonderful
    I like the colourful presentation of the drink looks fabulous

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