Find Your Inspiration with a Whole Wheat Pizza with Pesto, Tomatoes and Brie

Need a meal that will inspire all of your sense? This rustic Whole Wheat Pizza with Pesto, Tomatoes and Brie recipe is a feast for your eyes as well as your taste buds. This post is sponsored by KitchenPLAY on behalf of Frigidaire and Lowes.

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When my husband and I moved into our house 14 years ago, it was brand-spanking new. We decided to forgo our initial instinct to buy an old house with character, but instead buy a new house in a new area for investment reasons. And being the do-it-yourselfers that we are, we started to give our new suburban home character, age and personality.

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We started to transform our empty canvas of a home into a rustic, old-world escape from the everyday. The process has been slow, as we added three kids during our transformation. This has been a labor of love, where we pinned our inspiration the old-fashioned way: from magazine clippings and furniture stores.

And now, despite our efforts, my kitchen is looking a bit beat up after 14 years. Everything feels and look – well, blah. We never did upgrade our countertops and the walls certainly need a new paint job. We replaced our appliances, but I give my appliances a serious beating. After a couple years, there are signs of wear and tear. For all the cooking I do, I need a professional kitchen.

So when Frigidaire asked me what my dream kitchen would look like, well, I started to dream….

Below you will see my inspiration board. It pretty much sums up my personal style: modern meets rustic with a pop of color.

Inspiration Board for Dream Kitchen by

That kitchen picture you see up there? No, it’s not my kitchen. That’s the dream kitchen I found on Pinterest. That’s what I want and don’t have. Yet.

But, I don’t have to demo my whole kitchen to get closer to my dream kitchen. With just a weekend and a few professional pieces that fit into my existing space from Lowe’s, that dream kitchen is a lot closer than you think. And with these sleek Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel, professional-grade appliances from the new Frigidaire Professional® Collection, I don’t have to worry about my anal husband constantly wiping down those pesky fingerprints my kids seem to leave everywhere. The appliances are also compatible with standard-sized spaces so they fit into existing kitchens, eliminating the need for a full remodel.

My top finds (available at Lowe’s) include:

  1. This roomy Frigidaire Professional ® French Door Refrigerator is built to standard counter depth, but looks like a built-in.
  2. I already have my Terra Cotta tile flooring. It’s rustic, always the right temperature and easy on the back.
  3. These stone mosaic tiles for my backsplash would give me the stone wall look that I crave without creating expensive stone walls.
  4. Light granite countertops to replace my horribly ugly tile countertops and to contrast my existing wood cabinets.
  5. A neutral paint color from Valspar that will brighten my badly lit kitchen.
  6. Rustic touches like this bronze faucet from Moen give me the old world feel with modern technology.
  7. I love this super cool and affordable orb chandelier by allen + roth in bronze to brighten up my kitchen.
  8. My family of five desperately needs this Frigidaire Professional ® Built-In Dishwasher that washes a load of dishes in only 30 minutes.
  9. I am totally in love with this huge antique copper farm sink. I’ll fill it up in no time with dirty dishes.
  10. Of course, I must add my signature splash of color, my Mexican pottery and tile collection.
  11. Frigidaire Professional ® 5-Burner Gas Range: That 18,000 BTU burner and convection oven is calling my name.

Whole Wheat Pizza with Pesto, Tomatoes and Brie by

Which brings me to my artisan pesto pizza: whole wheat crust with fresh pesto, brie and gorgeous heirloom tomatoes. Modern meets rustic with a pop of color.

You can make the dough yourself using my whole wheat pizza dough or choose store-bought dough. I love sneaking something healthy into my pesto, like I do with my Kale Pesto with Tarragon and Walnuts, but feel free to make your own or buy ready-made pesto.

Whole Wheat Pizza with Pesto, Tomatoes and Brie

This pizza is an inspiration for all of your senses: colorful, flavorful, healthy and satisfying. Recipe by Laura Bashar of Family Spice


  • 1 whole wheat pizza dough
  • 1/4 cup pesto
  • 4 oz brie
  • 2 medium-sized heirloom tomatoes, sliced into 1/4-inch rounds


  1. Preheat oven to 500ºF.
  2. Press into a 10 to 12 inch circle or oval onto a pizza stone:
    • 1 whole wheat pizza dough
  3. Spread evenly over the dough:
    • 1/4 cup pesto
  4. Cut into 1-inch pieces and scatter evenly over the pesto:
    • 4 oz brie
  5. Top the pizza with:
    • 2 medium-sized heirloom tomatoes , sliced into 1/4-inch rounds
  6. Bake until bubbly, about 10 minutes.
  7. Allow pizza to cool for 5 minutes, then cut and serve immediately.


Serving Suggestions: Serve alone or with salad. Even better, top your pizza with salad and fresh herbs. This makes a great lunch, light dinner or appetizer.

Cooking Tips: The oil from the brie and pesto will spread and penetrate the pizza crust. Allow pizza to cool before slicing and serving.

Prep Time:

Yield: Serves 4

Cook Time:

Want to dream, too? Find your inspiration with Lowe’s on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, and with Frigidaire on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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  1. Beautiful pizza! Can’t wait to see the kitchen!

  2. This pizza is gorgeous!!! And that dream kitchen’s not too shabby either. 🙂
    Tracey @ The Kitchen is My Playground

  3. We had one of those big box stores replace our kitchen counters with Corian. It was during a sale so we got a deal, but it was much less than a regular kitchen place would have done. And the quality of the installation was superb (they contracted it out to a pretty good kitchen installer). Anyway, it’s fun to dream — and sometimes those dreams come true! Good look pizza — thanks for that.

    • I love Corian countertops, especially because it’s a solid surface and no grouting to clean up. Can’t wait to get rid of my tile countertops!

  4. This looks so fantastic! I LOVE homemade pizza–and adding brie is a great touch!

  5. Gorgeous pizza, love all the flavours going on!

  6. loved the look of the pizza.. compliments very well with the dream kitchen.. cant wait to see more

  7. What a gorgeous pizza! And lucky you, a new kitchen too! You’re going to have a great space to cook it!

  8. Yum! I love this combination of ingredients. We have pesto in the freezer we need to use so look forward to trying this!

  9. Your dream kitchen is gorgeous!! I have been wanting to put together a dream kitchen inspiration board also. 🙂 And I love that pizza with all the gorgeous color from the tomatoes and pesto – great flavor too!

  10. We went through the whole remodel thing years ago and I am so disappointed with my appliance choices. I went with the recommendations from Consumer Reports, but not a good outcome (except for my fridge). I love your choice of style!

    That pizza looks like a work of art, btw! Gorgeous, and I’m sure it’s delicious as well!

  11. My mouth is sooooooo watering right now! I love brie on pizza. You don’t see that too often!

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  13. Wow brie and pesto! That’s a combo I never thought I’d see. Sounds yummy!

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  15. Soureh Sedigh at #

    I made this pizza the other night…my very picky 5-year-old loved it… Your pictures are amazing.

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