What’s Growing in the Garden


The family veggie garden is doing well this summer. We’ve had a few little hiccups like unknown pests and dying tomato plants, but we seem to have reached a turning point.  I planted 7 tomato plants this summer, some cherry sized, some mega huge, ranging in colors of purple, yellow and red. Why so many? Well, the hubby and I both bought plants on the same day without the other one knowing. Who can’t have enough fresh tomatoes?

The most successful tomato plant is the one we didn’t plant. Two tomato plants popped up in a large pot out of seed that must have been blowing in the wind. It was the best accident we ever grew! Right now the accident plant is four feet tall. One is bursting with cherry tomatoes and the other has massive heirlooms that are just turning red. Tomato recipes are in our future!


Other fruits and vegetables we have growing this summer:

  • eggplant
  • asparagus
  • artichokes
  • kale
  • cucumbers
  • turnips
  • carrots
  • radishes
  • strawberries
  • blackberries
  • blueberries
  • grapes

We also have our lemon, lime, pomegranate and avocado tree which seem to have taken a year break to rest after producing well for us in the past.


Now we don’t have bushels of berries or asparagus in the house. Typically all of my berries get snapped up by eager fingers as soon as they ripen. And the asparagus grows a couple stalks at a time – I usually add them to the asparagus I purchased at the store or the hubby eats them raw since they are thin stalks.

Our grape vine is in its second year, so this is our first “bunch” of grapes we harvested. Next year, we hope for a bigger bounty.


Gardening has been a relaxing hobby of ours, one that I wish I had more time to spend on and learn more about. We installed a drip system in this year and have had to figure out how much water is enough. Gardening has been a terrific way to show the kids where our food comes from and all the varieties available. For example, they’ve been enjoying yellow strawberries, purple tomatoes and white eggplant.


Next week I will be talking about my visit to Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley farmers I met. My harvest doesn’t compare with what I saw, but they certainly inspired me and their story is compelling.

What do you have growing in your garden?


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  1. Lynda at #

    I love your fresh garden pics and dream of the day when I can have a vegetable farm again in my yard!

    • Thanks, Lynda! My grandmother grew so many things in pots on her apartment balcony. I wish I had her green thumb.

  2. We have mostly herbs growing – and a couple cherry tomato plants. Our Meyer lemon tree is full of fruit and new blossoms – and the baby Meyer is growing very well. It kills me to break off the little blossoms, but I know I need to if the tree is to grow well in its first year.

  3. Hi Laura,

    Your garden grew fast! Love the berries, they will go on my next year’s list ! And I can’t forget those lovely grapes!

  4. I love garden posts, keep them coming. 🙂 Great job with everything! Right now we’re going through tomato crazy season, everyday I’m picking pounds, yesterday – 16 pounds! So Ive been making sauces to last all winter long. Jealous that you are growing blackberries and blueberries, I hope to have them next year!

    • Our berries do well, but certainly not enough to bake a pie! This year I bought the small, gourmet strawberries and they have terrific flavor. Again, once a berry ripens, the kids hunt it down and eat them off the vine!

  5. Mr. & Mrs. P at #

    OMG the artichokes!!! So jelly!!!!

  6. Your garden looks amazing. I love lazy days out among the veg. My boys can spend hours digging in the dirt. Yesterday, they ate all our cherry tomatoes. Next year, I’m going to plant a whole lot more of them.

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