What Do You Do When A Foodie Can’t Eat? Beer Braised Pork Shoulder Roast!

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A simple Beer Braised Pork Shoulder Roast that is super easy to make, and is totally delicious.

Beer Braised Pork Shoulder Roast by FamilySpice.com

It’s funny, but this subject came up during Camp Blogaway. Greg from Sippity Sup talked about when his mouth was wired shut and he couldn’t eat, what would he blog about? I didn’t think, listening to his story, that I would be facing a similar dilemma. No, my mouth isn’t wired shut. For the past few years my stomach hasn’t been very cooperative. Last Thanksgiving I found that I have h. pylori, a stomach bacteria that appears to be the culprit.

After a horrible 2-week regime of antibiotics and 8 pills a day. I thought I was better. But, January came along and I wasn’t feeling well again. By April, I was in pain and back to the doctor. I was waiting for my results while at Camp Blogaway, wondering if I had an ulcer or something else.

When I returned, it was confirmed that the h. pylori is back, or never left. Back on the antibiotics I went and I was encouraged to see a specialist. It took two weeks for that appointment (moved up because of a cancellation.)

My gastroenterologist was sweet. My prognosis was good, but she had to switch my meds. I was almost done with the antibiotics that were making me sick to my stomach. She told me I was in the 30% that needed a stronger medicine regime and she gave me ANOTHER 2 week course of DIFFERENT antibiotics to take.

For the past month I have had been feeling super-nauseous and sick. Food tastes horrible to me – well, sugar seems to make me feel better. But, you can’t eat sweets all day.

Or can you….???

The pharmacist said ABSOLUTELY no alcohol (that’s okay, I don’t drink THAT much) and no dairy except in the morning. I run to the bathroom all the time, I wake up in the middle of the night with stomach cramps. I can’t stand the sight of food.

Yeah, let’s repeat that one: I can’t stand the sight of food.

Sorry, friends, but that means no reading other food blogs for the time being. Totally grosses me out.

I’ve been trying to cook for my family, but the smells make me sick. I’ve kept it simple, depending, for the first time, on Costco pot stickers, meatballs and pizza. When I do cook, I trust that it tastes good because my family is eating it without fights or complaints. The Beer Braised Pork Shoulder Roast pictured above was one such dinner. My hubby said it was great, and all three kids ate it up. But, the smell really killed me. Not a great endorsement for my recipe, but they promised me it was fabulous!

It’s like I’m pregnant again, but trust me, THAT’S NOT IT!

So, here I am with 4 days left in my meds, up at 5 a.m. because of stomach aches. I’m hungry and nauseous. Quite a dilemma. Luckily, my morning ritual of yogurt, berries and granola makes me smile.

Did I mention it’s Homemade Granola?

Even when nauseous, I’m still a bit of a foodie.

So bear with me, during my phase of disgust of food. It should be over soon.

I hope.

Click here for my recipe for Beer Braised Pork Shoulder Roast.

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  1. This does not make me happy. :( I'm sending good thoughts to a speedy healing – you need to share some more of your amazing recipes! :)

  2. so sorry to hear, I sure hope you are feeling better.

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