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This month Vons/Safeway via FoodBuzz offered me a $100 stipend to order groceries using their online delivery service, and to write a blog post about it. I’ve always wanted to try this service, and since I had this big pomegranate party to shop for, I signed up for this great opportunity.

I have to admit that I wasn’t very organized with my shopping list. I had my notes and recipes piled up. I stumbled through the Vons website looking for my products. I ordered a little from every department:

Frozen Foods: spinach & puff pastry
Dairy: cream cheese and milk for the kiddos
Meat: chicken breast
Produce: from salads to oranges, cilantro to cranberries
Pantry: cocoa powder

Vons/Safeway offers a spot to write special notes to your “personal shopper” as well as what you would want for any substitutions.

For my milk, I requested the latest expiration date possible (duh!) and I am happy to report that the milk is still fresh. And it’s been a week. They did have to substitute for a different brand of milk. No biggee.

My frozen foods arrived still frozen. My chicken breasts were all there.

My main anxiety was that I was at my son’s flag football game, and not home for the actual delivery. My husband was home, but he had to leave at 6:30 for our Cub Scout’s pack meeting. Delivery was scheduled from 4-6pm that day. Needless to say, the delivery guy called the house around 5:45 to announce that he was running late. No kidding. I admit that I wasn’t really into the flag football game. I hung on my cell phone for hubby to call that the groceries were delivered.

“Okay, he brought the groceries.”

“Is it all there?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t check.”


Hubby did put everything in the garage refrig/freezer, so after I dropped the football boy off at his Cub Scout meeting, I hurried home to check the loot.

It was all there. Surprise, surprise!

There was one out of stock item. I requested two packages of blackberries and they only had one.

There was one other substitution. I requested 2 bags of romaine lettuce bags. They gave me Caesar salad kits. I had every intention of returning them (I’m not a big fan of these kits), but I never got around to it. We needed salad one night, and that was all I had. We ate it.

Because Vons/Safeway doesn’t accept coupons with this delivery service (paper coupons, that is), I ended up making a separate trip to Vons that day to take advantage of my free POM juice with the coupons POM gave me. And yes, I also forgot some other items on the list and I had already put my order in.

Grrrrr, again…..

Oh, and my cranberries were kinda crushed.


Well, if I was an organized person, like the person I USED to be BEFORE kids, then this would be totally awesome. Especially those days that I worked late and was too tired to shop, or bad weather hindered my grocery shopping adventures.

But, I am the type of shopper that shops with a list AND by walking up and down the aisles. By shopping online, you definitely make sure that you don’t buy that pack of gum or Diet Coke waiting for you at checkout. Which could be a good thing. Unless you forget something on your list. And you have to make a special trip AGAIN to get what you forgot because you placed your order in.

When you sign up for your first delivery with Vons/Safeway, your groceries get delivered for free. Normally it’s a $10 charge. Lucky for me, I had also received in the mail right before my shopping excursion a flyer for $15 off my delivered groceries. I am always, the frugal shopper.

This was a fun experience. I’m glad I tried it. But, I think I will shop the old-fashioned way for right now. Until I can get my act together and my grocery list in order.


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  1. Say Mmm at #

    It is interesting to hear how others have experienced online shopping, and I didn't realize that they automatically did substitutions without asking, like with the lettuce. I am kind of surprised to hear they were out at all, given that they should be more efficient with online ordering. I had a similar conclusion after trying online groceries once, if you have the time to go through the site and are organized to plan in advance and be at home for the delivery it makes sense. Otherwise doesn't seem worth the $10 delivery charge.

  2. Rita at #

    Wish we had VONS around here. Love your blog; very intersting.

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