Valentine Thoughts and a Black Forest Cake

Valentine’s Day may not be for everyone, but even the skeptic will fall in love with this Black Forest Cake.

Black Forest Cake by

Valentine’s Day is not a holiday we celebrate in our house. In fact, if it wasn’t for school and Valentine exchanges in class, my kids would not know much about it at all. Scratch that. Mimi takes care of that. My mom, being your typical doting grandmother, finds every and any reason to bestow gifts onto her angels, her grandchildren. Besides the usual birthdays and Christmas, the kids receive gifts on Valentine’s Day, Easter (we’re not Christians), July 4th, you name it.

And it’s not my fault we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. I do. I just don’t go nuts with it. My hubby doesn’t.

Surprise, surprise.

“It’s a commercial holiday made up by the greeting card industry to make you buy more crap!”

My man is man’s man. He is not very sappy, overly romantic or sentimental. Don’t get wrong, the kids really tug on his heart’s strings and he is affectionate. But, cards, flowers, holidays and that kind of thing is not in his realm. For example, these are his actual responses to me:

Valentine’s Day: “I don’t need THEM to tell me when to say ‘I love you’ or when to buy you overpriced flowers.”

Mother’s Day: “You are not my mother.”

Anniversary: “Why should the husband always be the one to give the wife a gift for every wedding anniversary?”

Birthdays, well specifically MY birthday: “Happy Birthday. What do you want me to get you? Why do I have to get you something? Let’s just go out to eat.”

What he lacks in sentiment and sensitivity, he makes it up in being handy around the house. He’s a tool man, specifically MY tool man.

He laid the tiles down in our house, the wood floors in the front and in the playroom. He builds me shelves, installs my appliances, assembles furniture and builds awnings and wooden structures for outside. He welded a wine rack (that’s for him) and our massive wrought iron curtain rods for the dining room. He paints the walls, changes light bulbs and kills spiders… you know, manly jobs.

He just doesn’t do holidays very well. Well, except Halloween. That’s because there are no gifts required, just good-old-fashion fun.

Me? I’m the opposite. I’m the sappy one. I cry watching those cheesy commercials. I even got teary-eyed during “Toy Story 2 AND 3.” Yeah, you know which parts I’m talking about. When the kids get hurt, they come to me for hugs and kisses. When they are sleeping, they want my lap to curl up in.

For my hubby’s birthday I made him this 3-layer Black Forest Cake. This cake is so NOT for the faint at heart. It’s easy enough to bake and assemble. It’s the decorating part that gets ya.

Black Forest Cake by

Black Forest Cake by

I truly hate decorating desserts. No patience, whatsoever.

Imaging chocolate shavings EVERYWHERE, but on the cake.

It took hours and my hand cramped from holding the potato peeler for so long to make the shavings. But, it turned out spectacular. The cake after you bake it is rather dry and fragile. But once you soak it with the kirsch and layer it with brandied cherries and whipped cream…. OMG, it’s almost a religious experience.

Black Forest Cake by

Black Forest Cake by

Black Forest Cake by

I almost forgot how much work was involved.

But that’s what I do for the ones I love.

For the recipe for Black Forest Cake click here.

And seriously, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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9 Responses to Valentine Thoughts and a Black Forest Cake

  1. Alright, alright, as long as he's handy! 😉

    This is a supremely fabulous cake–wish I had a big slice!

  2. Tiffany at #

    Funny post! The cake looks great! I would have never known that you do not enjoy decorating them!

  3. This is the kind of dessert where you get a fork, some milk and you tell the hubby n' kids to go away while you eat your heart out. This looks absolutely divine.

  4. First off great photos! Second off that looks heavenly! 🙂

  5. Your husband's thoughts are funny 🙂 And as long as it works out for you and him, you don't need the big corporations to tell you how to do things. The cake looks fantastic! I've tasted black forest cake before and you are right it was a religious experience. Would I attempt making it myself, I'll think about that one long and hard, hehe. Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Ehehehe…his comments just tickled me.

    Beautiful cake. You did an amazing job with it. Black forest is one of my favorite cakes and it's been too long since I've had some. 🙂

  7. Foodiva at #

    Your husband may not be Mr. New Age Sensitive Guy, but he sure does get to eat the most amazing food (like this Black Forest cake), and you get to stay in a well-maintained house!

  8. Yes, I should look at my paneled walls and tiled floors and imagine them to be a bed a roses and chocolate bon-bons!

  9. Hi Laura, Just stopping by to say Thanks for participating in the YBR and sorry it took me so long to stop by.

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