Time to Get Smart and February’s YBR!


Wow, February is ending and March is here! It seemed like winter lasted forever and yet I can’t believe it’s almost over. I cannot handle the long nights and I’m looking forward to March 21st, the first day of Spring! And to sum up February, and all the fabulous foods we all created in this short month, Spicie Foodie is gracious enough to host February’s Your Best Recipe!

She has a fabulous collection of recipes created by foodies all over the world, from desserts to meals. I submitted my Black Forest Cake. You should check the rest of them out at Spicie Foodie’s website.

On a different note, both the Family Spice Blog and the Family Spice website is MOBILE FRIENDLY!


I finally ditched my dying dumb phone when the iPhone came to Verizon. And I’m thrilled to be connected and wired up with my new smart phone. It really helped us out when we were navigating our way through Big Bear during our kids’ February break. I had up-to-the-minute weather reports and road conditions as we dodged a snow storm or two!

And now, with the help of mobify.me, I was able to get both sites mobified and mobile friendly. No zooming in and out with your fingers to follow the recipes, as I know some of my friends have been doing.

Any comments and suggestions you have to improve the site will be welcomed graciously! Remember, I do most of this work at odd hours through the day and night. Most of the time, I get interrupted by my little munchkins. Mistakes do happen, despite my perfectionist attitude! Big changes and features are coming to Family Spice this year, so keep up to date by subscribing to the blog through RSS, through email, or with Facebook or Twitter!

More recipes coming later this week!


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  1. Merut at #

    I had to choose between smart phone and puppy. I chose puppy. When she pees on the carpet I wonder if I made the right choice. Your cake looks delicious!

  2. Carolyn at #

    Your cake is just gorgeous. Congrats on going mobile!

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