The Persian New Year (Norouz) and Kookoo Sabzi

Celebrate Nowruz, the Persian New Year and first day of spring, with this traditional herb quiche, Kookoo Sabzi.

Persian Herb Quiche (Kookoo Sabzi) for Norouz by

With all the chaos in my household, I forgot yesterday was Chahr-Shambeh Souri. This is the Tuesday night prior to Nowruz (Persian New Year) where you jump over flames to ward off evil. Sounds dangerous to an outsider, but it’s a very symbolic gesture. Alas, my hubby is out-of-town this week, in the cold-still-feels-like-winter-Wisconsin and I have two kids at home battling colds due to San Diego’s constant 10-degree weather mood swings. If it wasn’t for family on Facebook, I would have forgotten about Chahr-Shambeh Souri.

Luckily, I remembered this Sunday is Nowruz and the first day of Spring. This is when I cast off my winter blues and embrace my favorite season. With kids home sick, it’s been hard to keep the house clean, but I must. You do not want to start the new year with anything dirty or messy. It’s a bad omen. And with three kids desperately trying to out-do me, it’s a tough challenge.

In the past, I have already shared with you many Persian recipes, including the foods we eat for the Nowruz dinner. One dish that I haven’t posted yet is Kookoo Sabzi, an aromatic and herb-packed quiche. I was never happy with my pictures and having limited time, I never got around to making it again. Which is nuts, actually, considering how much I love this dish and can eat it for breakfast with my morning tea!

Persian Herb Quiche (Kookoo Sabzi) for Norouz by

My version is made with only fresh herbs, 5 to be exact: parsley, cilantro, dill and leeks. Where’s the fifth? Okay, that one is dried fenugreek. Fresh fenugreek is impossible to find, so most of us use dried. I also add in fresh spinach for a nutritional punch. Accented with a little saffron, chopped walnuts and zereshk (barberis) and you will really love this dish.

Persian Herb Quiche (Kookoo Sabzi) for Norouz by

The full recipe for Persian Herb Quiche (Kookoo Sabzi) can be found here.

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4 Responses to The Persian New Year (Norouz) and Kookoo Sabzi

  1. Sabzi is a word that Indians use for vegetable side dishes. I am always surprised by how many words Hindi and Persian share.
    The Kookoo-yeh Sabzi sounds wonderful. I am definitely going to have to make this one day…

  2. "Sabz" is green in farsi. "Sabzi" is for the greens, or herbs, we like to eat raw or to cook. Farsi has a lot of words in Arabic and French, too. I didn't know sabzi is also in Hindi.

  3. Azita at #

    This kookoo sabzi looks so good!
    Eide shoma mobarak!

  4. Happy Persian new year Laura! This dish looks so mouthwatering. I love all of the new foods you are introducing me too. Everything Persian I've ever tasted has always been amazing. Thank you for being a part of March's YBR.

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