The Joys of Saffron: Everything you need to know about saffron

This article tells you Everything you need to know about saffron: from cultivation to choosing saffron and even saffron recipes.
Everything you need to know about saffron by

Saffron. This exotic spice evokes images and scents of far and exotic places. Outdoor markets, or bazaars, filled with dates, nuts and tea leaves. It’s deep red threads yields a gorgeous and rich yellow color when soaked in hot water, making it a wonderful natural dye. But, it also carries a distinct aroma that reminds me of sweet family traditions dating back hundreds of years- culinary traditions I hope my children will continue and pass down to their children.

About Saffron:

Did you know that saffron is a spice found from the crocus flower? Specifically, those threads are the three red stigmas inside the flower. It is native to Southwest Asia, but was first cultivated in Greece. Cherished in Iran and the middle-east, saffron is also widely used in Spain, Italy and the rest of Europe. Just like diamonds, saffron’s quality is graded and there’s even a number scale. For the best quality of saffron, choose saffron threads (not powder) that are dark red. Persian saffron have the most intense color and aroma, especially when compared to the more mild Spanish saffron.


Why is saffron so expensive, more expensive than oil or gold?

I’ve seen saffron in gourmet food markets sold in tiny glass bottles for as much as $20 for about 10 threads. The crocus flower requires specific weather conditions for it to flourish. And with the different varieties available, the best quality saffron is found in Kashmir and Iran. The crimson stigmas are hand-picked, collected and dried for distribution. Remember, each flower will produce only 3 threads of saffron.


Ground versus Threads:

When purchasing saffron, you can also purchase crushed or powdered saffron. It is less expensive than the full threads, but the quality is always in question. Ground saffron is typically mixed with turmeric and paprika, so might get the vibrant golden color you desire, but you won’t get the true flavor and intense aroma found only in pure saffron.

Two weeks ago, I found Spanish Saffron sold at Costco. It’s grade set at 230, and you can read Wikipedia’s explanation of the grade system here. I’m truly blown away by the swell of popularity here in the U.S. for this illustrious spice.


The best way to store saffron is in an airtight container and in the dark. I keep mine in my pantry. My mother-in-law likes to crush a bunch of saffron and mix it with a small bottle filled with warm water. Once it cools, she stores the bottle in the freezer. She likes to make it a high concentrate of water & saffron so when she needs it, she takes it out of the freezer and adds a bit of warm water to it. Since you only need a teaspoon at a time when cooking, you pour out what you need and return your bottle to the freezer. This is an easy way to store your saffron when you use large quantities at a time, like we Persians do.


Italians use saffron in risotto. My blogging buddy Wendy at The Weekend Gourmet has a fabulous Risotto alla Milanese you have to check out.

One of my favorite Spanish dishes using saffron is paella. This is the rice dish where anything goes in. The hubby and I prefer seafood paella.

Iranians have a truly special place in their hearts for saffron. We use it in everything. The most common way is to show off our basmati rice:

Persian Basmati Rice by

Oooh! Then there’s Chicken Kabob

Persian Chicken Kabob by

How about some quiche?

Persian Fingerling Potato Quiche with Chives by

And have you tried our desserts?

We put saffron in our rice pudding (Sholeh-Zard)

Persian Saffron Rice Pudding - Sholeh Zard by
We love saffron in our ice cream:

Persian Ice Cream with Saffron and Rosewater by

And it’s heavenly in our cookies:

Persian Saffron Cookies with Raisins by

And dreamy in cake, too!

Persian Saffron Raisin Pound Cake by

I even use it in egg nog!

Saffron and Rosewater Eggnog by

So there you go – basically everything you need to know about saffron.

Click here for more great recipes using saffron!

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  3. Hi Laura: Love this post! I'm sad to admit I haven't really cooked with saffron before – although I love eating foods with saffron in them. Your photos inspire me, as always. Saffron ice cream…mmmm…

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    Wonderful link, I lookd forward to trying your recipes! Especially the saffron ice cream. My last name is a derivative of the name Saffron – I use it to make delicious rice pudding (throughout every fall/winter) and paella, which I'm long overdue to make. Awesome site!

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    I,ve heard that Saffron this year is half the price from last year at least here in Scandinavia, good harvest.
    Like your blog!

  7. What a great and informative post! Lovely giveaway as well 🙂

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    Wow, I didn't know each flower only makes 3 threads of saffron. No wonder it's so expensive! I have never cooked with saffron and am not even certain what it tastes like. How crazy! I always pick up the little bottle only to have to set it back on the shelf when I see the price. I will have to indulge one day because I would love to make a sweet saffron dessert, like your rice pudding up there (so pretty!). But that chicken kabob picture is making my mouth water right now! 🙂

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    I shared on FB. I have used saffron in Indian dishes, back in vegetarian days. (way back). I am looking forward to using the best! p.s. your recipes look fabulous; I'll be checking in to use them. Peggy Lewis

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    I have never cooked with saffron, but your recipes look great and would like to try them. I'm a fan on facebook.

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    Lovely blog, by the way – I found my way to it via the pomegranate vodka!

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    Saffron creme brulee!!! The best.

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    Hi Laura,
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    *cut down

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    Just liked you on FB. I just bought some saffron last week when I was in San Diego (love that place). Things are so much cheaper in the U.S. compared to Canada. I wasn’t quite sure what to make with it but just today I happened upon this blog AND I found a recipe for scallop and saffron soup. Can’t wait to try it! 🙂

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    I am thrilled to have stumble across your website while searching for healthy immune boosting smoothies to share with my daughter. I will pass it on. I have to tell you my family for generations on my fathers side have enjoyed a traditional recipe’ of Saffron stuffing. It would not be the same at Thanksgiving and Christmas without it. We are experiencing the next generation learning to make it and carry on the tradition. I don’t know how this recipe’ got started in my Grandmothers family, both grandma and Granddads families are of German decent. I am courious now and will reseach it further. I hope to fnter your next give-away contest. 🙂

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      That’s wonderful! Welcome and I am definitely going to do another saffron giveaway this December!

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    Excellent post, my favourite dish is the chicken kebab – over a charcoal fire of course ! One question, would you use Persian saffron in Paella or would you use Spanish saffron since it is a Spanish dish ? I would use a Persian saffron because I am biased but I am interested to know what you think of the difference between the two ?

  64. Lisa at #

    I love saffron in Swedish Lucia Buns!! They are wonderful!

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