The Irresistible Grilled Balsamic Artichoke

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Is it just me or are food bloggers obsessed with desserts? I understand the appeal of something sweet, decadent and gooey to entice and attract readers. We’re only human. I’m guilty of it myself! But you don’t see people going ga-ga over a roasted chicken, meatloaf or salad like you do over a coma-inducing chocolate cake. Do you?

Don’t get me wrong. I adore desserts. When I plan a party, I typically plan the dessert first. It really is the most important part of a meal!

My second love are appetizers.

I’ve professed my love for appetizers here before, so I won’t bore you.

But with summer fun, comes summer parties. And that means desserts AND appetizers.

Since artichokes are in season, my husband and I are going ga-ga over artichokes. We used to just steam them and make dips to go with it. Now we’ve moved on to grilling artichokes. Hello Mama!

First there was our Chile-Lime Roasted Artichokes.

Then came these lip-smacking, caramelized Grilled Balsamic Artichokes.

It’s okay.

You can go ga-ga over them, too.

I won’t tell anyone!

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4 Responses to The Irresistible Grilled Balsamic Artichoke

  1. Ha ha. I am actually more enticed by savoury food than desserts (although I like those too) and I agree – there are a lot more desserts and cakes in blog world than the rest.
    These artichokes look VERY good. I have never in my life made artichoke. This should change. And I love balsamic so this recipe should be the one I try first. Just need to source some artichokes now.

  2. Koci at #

    I've never tried grilled artichokes before. These sound so yummy! Even though I have been known to get on a serious sugar kick, these look amazing.

  3. Joy at #

    The artichokes look great.

  4. Ann at #

    I love artichokes – so I am drawn to these – they look amazing! Desserts are dainty and pretty – they do have appeal…

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