The Best Gas Station Food… EVER!

Yes, you read that right: The Best Gas Station Food… EVER! And I’m not talking about 3-day old hot dogs, nachos, slushies or stale funyuns. This is my second post about my family’s trip to Yosemite last week. My husband decided to take us on a day trip out of Yosemite Valley to explore the infamous Tioga Pass, which is closed most of the year due to snow. The pass is the eastern entrance into Yosemite National Park.

And in the middle of July, we found snow here.

Yup, snow.

California has had a very wet and snowy year for 2011. So much so that we are officially out of drought mode (until next year). But, don’t expect our water rates to drop.

The rivers and lakes in Yosemite are full, the waterfalls are gushing. The mountains of Tioga Pass are still capped with snow, and you will find water trickling down the mountain sides and onto the highway throughout the drive. This snow melt feeds the rivers and creeks that flow down to Yosemite Valley and to the beautiful waterfalls you see there.

My kids enjoyed snowball fights in their shorts, but the two-hour drive was getting to me. Luckily, we found the infamous Mobil gas station we were told about.

At the intersection of U.S. Route 395 and California State Route 120 you will find a gas station. And inside this gas station is the Tioga Toomey’s Whoa Nellie Deli.

You can find trinkets and souvenirs from Yosemite inside, as well as the typical gas station finds of gum, snacks and sodas.

But, what makes this place NOT your typical gas station is the food.

Gourmet food.

I ordered the salad with seared salmon (pictured above) and my husband ordered a steak sandwich.

The experience was surreal and extra-ordinary. Were we really dining in a gas station eating this gourmet meal?

Granted, the kids had slices of pizza for lunch (nothing special), but Mom & Dad had happy tummies.

And for dessert? Cheesecake, carrot cake and this fudgy chocolate cake with raspberry sauce.

Mmmmmm… good!

I was all excited that we had found some undiscovered gem in Yosemite, when I found this hanging on the wall by the restrooms.

Looks like Gourmet Magazine beat me to it. And if you google the Whoa Nelli Deli, you will find that others have found this secret getaway, as well.

And now YOU know, too!


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  1. Sometimes after being in the outdoors all day you are so hungry anything tastes good.. But in this case it looks like the food was actually good. I love finding diamonds in the rough..How cool.
    Great Yosemite pics BTW

  2. And that Mobil sign isn't exactly standard either! Stunning photos.

  3. Lindselicious at #

    Totally random and what a great find! Love the yosemite pics, so beautiful!

  4. Ann at #

    Wow – looks delicious! I love when you can find a treasure like that!

  5. Now, that's my kind of "road food"! Your trip looks wonderful…such pretty pictures!!

  6. Wow!! Now that's one Gas station that I would love to eat at! Your food looks amazing, and those images of the park are simply stunning!
    Thank you so much for sharing them with us

  7. beautiful pictures
    food looks wonderful

  8. Very WHOA indeed!
    Makes you want to go to Yosemite just to eat there.

  9. Koci at #

    A gourmet gas station–that's so cool! I'd definitely love to find delicious stuff like that hanging around my local gas station. Yum!

  10. Wow, that is food from a gas station? It looks amazing! Loving both the food and nature shots. Looks like you had a wonderful trip

  11. So cool! If I'm there, I'll definitely have to swing by this place 🙂 Buzzed!

  12. Anne at #

    I can't believe you got that at a gas station! That is so cool! And I'm just happy to pick up a pack of Twizzlers when I stop! Your vacation pictures are beautiful! : )

  13. Very nice post and beautiful photos….good there is nice meal on the road:)

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