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Stuffed Grape Leaves: Beef and Pomegranate Dolmeh by FamilySpice.com

Stuffed Grape Leaves: Beef and Pomegranate Dolmeh

Here is one favorite way to prepare Persian Stuffed Grape Leaves: Beef and Pomegranate. The Greeks call this dish “dolmata.” The Persians call this dish “dolmeh.” I just call these little bundles of joy, INCREDIBLE! We, Persians, like to stuff everything: red peppers, onions, potatoes, tomatoes and every guest’s bellies until they burst! I was […]

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Daring Cooks: Pierogies!

I was very excited to find out that the Daring Cooks challenge for August was going to be Pierogies. I love these little bundles of yumminess. Then summer happened and I forgot all about it! Luckily, when I started getting the posts and recipes of some of my fellow Daring Cooks in my RSS feeds, […]

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Cucumber Feta Toasts by FamilySpice.com

Cucumber Feta Toasts and The Daring Kitchen

Cucumber Feta Toasts is a classic mediterranean combination that makes a wonderful appetizer or snack. Need a quick appetizer that requires no cooking and tastes great? Well I found this recipe for Cucumber Feta Toasts in my little Martha Stewart Everyday Food magazine. I had to laugh when I saw it because it’s basically a […]

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Brunswick Stew by FamilySpice.com

Daring Cooks: Brunswick Stew

Brunswick Stew is a Southern classic originally made after a hunting expedition with squirrel. Today most Southerner make it with rabbit, chicken, turkey, ham, or pork, even beef on occasion. I always enjoy trying new things. That’s one of the reasons I joined the The Daring Cooks: to try recipes that I never would have dreamed […]

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Lemon Risotto by FamilySpice.com

Daring Cooks: Lemon Risotto

Lemon risotto is a very easy Italian rice dish, and this one pairs tangy lemon with fresh mint. My family and I love all types of foods. I’ve always enjoyed cooking, and my husband and kids are used to seeing new things on the dinner table. Of course, they don’t always eat what I serve […]

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