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Grape Upside-Down Cake with Balsamic Vinegar by FamilySpice.com

Fall in Love with Grapes with a Grape Upside-Down Cake with Balsamic Vinegar

As the days shorten and the weather cools, I am soaking in everything that I love about fall. And since San Diego doesn’t instill fall-like images of trees laden with coats of red and gold leaves, I look for fall in the produce aisle! There’s one fruit I enjoy cooking with that you may not associate with autumn: […]

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Pumpkin Curd with Olive Oil by Familyspice.com

Pumpkin Curd with Olive Oil

No cutesy halloweeny dessert treats this year from me. My house has minimal halloween decorations up, too. My poor kids are frantically figuring out their costumes on their own this year, as I told them I couldn’t help. To say that I am a little distracted is the understatement of the year. My husband made […]

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Roast Turkey Breast with Black Garlic Butter from FamilySpice.com

Thanksgiving for Two? Roast Turkey Breast with Black Garlic Butter

I have always been part of a mass crowd during Thanksgiving. I am lucky to have a big, loving family always around me. But I do remember my single days, when I lived in Miami and a couple Thanksgivings came up where I wasn’t with my family. Then you get the invitations from friends who […]

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Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Quesadillas

I can not wait for Thanksgiving and the amazing turkey dinner. It really is one of my favorite meals and favorite flavor combinations of all time. My enthusiasm got the best of me, so last week I made my family an early turkey spread. I think I was the only one completely savoring all of […]

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Purple Sweet Potato Pudding by FamilySpice.com

Thanksgiving Dessert: Purple Sweet Potato Pudding

Did the title get your attention? Did it make you want to read this post or did you think there was a typo?!! I always like to mix things up and throw in something wild out there for my friends and family to try. My daughter was watching me make this pudding and commented, “Mommy, […]

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Purple Sweet Potato Soup by FamilySpice.com

Thanksgiving Soup: Purple Sweet Potato Soup

I like colors. Although my favorite colored clothing is my super soft Heather Grey tshirt, I like to be surrounded with happy colors. Before my daughter was born, the house was filled with my boys’ reds, blues and greens. From their clothing to their toys, we had red, blue, green cars, trains and action figures. […]

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Easy Thanksgiving Meals: Cranberry Orange Quinoa Salad

Easy Thanksgiving Meals: Cranberry Orange Quinoa Salad

One of my favorite meals of all time is the classic American Thanksgiving menu. Every year I look forward to it. I think I’m more excited about the leftovers, as I get to savor the meal days later. The flavor combinations, the colors and just having everyone together (if only for one meal) makes this […]

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Pomegranate Cranberry Sauce

Healthy Thanksgiving Side Dishes for Any Meal!

What? A post about Thanksgiving side dishes AFTER Thanksgiving is over?! Well, to be honest, I couldn’t get my act together to post this BEFORE Thanksgiving. I have published some of these recipes in the past WAY BACK when I first started blogging. So, as you can imagine, the pictures were truly AWFUL! I refused […]

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Thanksgiving Twist: Mai Tai Cranberries with Mango and Rum

I don’t know about you, but I’m stressin’ a little this year. It’s my first year hosting a large Thanksgiving dinner. My guest list jumped from 17 to 25 – for now. I have hosted big dinners before, but Thanksgiving is an iconic holiday. There are expectations on what it is served. Add the Persian […]

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Orange & Sage Spatchcocked Turkey

We’ve got two weeks ’til Christmas and I’ve barely made a dent in my holiday shopping. I’ve done a lot online, but I think my main problem is that there’s nothing out there I really want to buy. Take the kids, for example. The boys have a ton of Legos – why do we need […]

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