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Strawberry Martini by FamilySpice.com

Strawberry Vodka for a Strawberry Martini

I will state my usual disclaimer about alcohol. I honestly do not drink much of it. My husband is the alcohol aficionado, with his prized collection of liqueurs and wines. Most of the alcoholic drinks inspired on this blog are for him. And even still, we find ourselves drinking the same drinks. Perhaps a bartending […]

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Whole Wheat Banana Bread with Blueberries, Strawberries and Mulberries

Adventures with Long Mulberries and a Banana Bread

I spent the weekend pulling my hair out because The Professor, my 12-year-old son who is too good for homework, had four weeks to complete a 3-book project, but he had barely made a dent in it. My boy can’t be persuaded by rewards, bribes or punishment. I suppose that would be a good trait […]

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Strawberry, Kale and Pomegranate Cooler Thingie

Oh, don’t tell me you never had trouble naming a creation of yours! Before I get into that, it’s May and that means it’s National Strawberry Month. I received a boat-load of strawberries after my farm tour to an Oxnard strawberry farm and the family has been having a blast with these delicious strawberries. We […]

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Strawberry Fields Forever

I moved to California over 15 years ago. And since my roots have nestled deep into this state, I have come to realize that there are wonderful benefits to living in this great state – and there are cons, too. But, I won’t dwell on that right now. One of the many reasons I love […]

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Sugar-Free Applesauce with Strawberries

Sometimes I forget what the real world is like. I mean, I live in California, SOUTHERN California. I am blessed to have farmer’s markets and CSA’s nearby and every possible produce imaginable within my reach. I live in one of trendiest food regions in the U.S. So, living in my bubble, I forget that not […]

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Red, White and Blue Cake with Berries, Coconut and Rum by FamilySpice.com

Red, White and Blue Cake with Berries, Coconut and Rum

Like Memorial Day, the real meaning behind the 4th of July sometimes gets forgotten. Independence Day is a national holiday here in the U.S., and when it falls on a Friday or Monday, we make our plans for the long holiday weekend. This year, it falls flat in the middle of the week, Wednesday. And […]

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Red, White & Blue Boozy Popsicles – Made With Dry Ice!

Who else out there is sweating it out this glorious summer? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been hustling my kids about, keeping them busy and keeping them cool. It could be a dip in the pool, a trip to the beach or keeping some homemade popsicles in the freezer. I know I’m not […]

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Nutella & Berry Pie with Pretzel Crust by FamilySpice.com

Love, Loss and a Nutella Pie

Earlier this month was my husband’s birthday. We kept the celebration small and informal, the way he likes it. We save the big, fun parties for the kids’ birthdays. His favorite dessert is tiramisu. I’ve made it several times for him. Haven’t posted the recipe yet. But, it’s his favorite. I didn’t make it this […]

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Summer Love: Berry Rhubarb Crisp with Pistachios

Summer is definitely coming to a close. Next week is the last full week of summer vacation for my kids before school starts. It always makes me a little sad to see the kids return to school. Don’t get me wrong, I could use the alone time. But, summer has this special magic. Something about […]

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Dessert for Breakfast: Strawberry Smoothie Popsicles

It seems like everyone is melting in the heat this summer. I’m not complaining about our balmy 70-degree weather here in San Diego. Our heat wave starts in August and ends in October. But, I’m prepared. It could be the dead of winter, but my kids are always ready for ice cream and popsicles. I […]

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