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Olive Oil Lemon Curd by Two Extra Virgins, cookbook authors Mary Platis and Laura Bashar

Olive Oil Lemon Curd and Camp Blogaway

You won’t notice the butter is missing in this smooth and creamy olive oil lemon curd. About five years, I attended my first blogging conference. Food conferences in general were quite foreign to me back then. The thought of maneuvering my way through a crowd of hundreds of strangers made me extremely uncomfortable and anxious. Camp Blogaway […]

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Kumquat Marmalade with Orange Blossom Water by FamilySpice.com

Kumquat Marmalade with Orange Blossom Water

Wake up your taste buds with this refreshing and aromatic kumquat marmalade with orange blossom water. I have professed on my blog before about my love affair with jam. Nothing makes me smile more than a jar of sweet, fruity jam. No matter how many diets I go on, my ultimate breakfast food is toast with cream […]

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Pumpkin Curd with Olive Oil by Familyspice.com

Pumpkin Curd with Olive Oil

Fruit curds are typically made with butter, but this pumpkin curd is made with better-for-your-heart extra virgin olive oil. No cutesy halloweeny dessert treats this year from me. My house has minimal halloween decorations up, too. My poor kids are frantically figuring out their costumes on their own this year, as I told them I […]

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Blood Orange Curd with White Cake by FamilySpice.com

A Touch of Sweet: Blood Orange Curd

Use up that citrus crop with this easy Blood Orange Curd with Cardamom. Perfect when drizzled on toast, scones, pancakes, cookies and even cake. I know what my husband is thinking. His least favorite holiday is just around the corner. Of course, in all honesty, I doubt Valentine’s Day has even crossed his mind. Not […]

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Blueberry Jam with Brown Sugar by FamilySpice.com

Blueberry Jam with Brown Sugar

Like a warm hug or bottle of love, nothing takes you home like a jar of homemade jam. This simple blueberry jam is made with brown sugar. I love jam. Actually, I ADORE jam. I grew up with homemade jam. Every morning, as a kid in Iran, I would make little lavash bites with feta […]

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Valencia Orange Marmalade by FamilySpice.com

Valencia Orange Marmalade

My husband’s side of the family loves sour foods. They adore lemons and add it to everything. I had a hard time adjusting to my in-laws cooking when we first married because I come from a family that loves jams. The first time my husband cooked for me he made his mother’s sour chicken. After […]

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Coconut Jam Thumbprint Cookies by FamilySpice.com

25 Days of Cookies: Coconut Jam Thumbprint Cookies

This classic cookie gets a twist with the addition of coconut, making these Coconut Jam Thumbprint Cookies little nests for your favorite jam. My cookie adventures have taken me on an interesting windy road for the past few years! From chocolate to vanilla, sandwiched or flat, shaped in balls, rectangles, circles or shapes: Cookies are just […]

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