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Blueberry Feta Quinoa Salad by FamilySpice.com

Eating Fresh: Blueberry Feta Quinoa Salad

Words and I do not get along. Which is odd, as I enjoyed creative writing when I was in school. I always wrote in an informal, conversational tone –  a natural fit with my blogging today. But, honestly, I struggle with words. One of the biggest obstacles I have with my blog is with the […]

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Baked French Toast with Blueberries by FamilySpice.com

Baked French Toast with a Whole Lotta Blueberries

One of the first breakfast foods I perfected as a kid was making french toast. It was super easy. Scramble some eggs, dip the toast, cook it in a hot pan. BOOM! Breakfast is served. I was so proud of myself for making such a decadent meal. Between pancakes, waffles, crepes and french toast I […]

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Whole Wheat Banana Bread with Blueberries, Strawberries and Mulberries

Adventures with Long Mulberries and a Banana Bread

I spent the weekend pulling my hair out because The Professor, my 12-year-old son who is too good for homework, had four weeks to complete a 3-book project, but he had barely made a dent in it. My boy can’t be persuaded by rewards, bribes or punishment. I suppose that would be a good trait […]

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Pomegranate Yogurt Parfait with Blueberries

I’m currently organizing and filing everything in my house, from bills to kids’ artwork to my digital pictures. And with 90,000 photos collected over the years, between family and food, it’s taking me awhile. The Professor loves looking at pictures of himself as a baby, which reminds me of an annoying amusing conversation we had […]

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Blueberry Jam with Brown Sugar

Blueberry Jam with Brown Sugar

I love jam. Actually, I ADORE jam. I grew up with homemade jam. Every morning, as a kid in Iran, I would make little lavash bites with feta and jam. I continued this morning ritual when we moved to the U.S. using toast, as we could not find lavash, and cream cheese instead of feta. […]

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Dark Chocolate Crêpes with Blueberry Cream

Dark Chocolate Crêpes with Blueberry Cream for #SundaySupper #CookforJulia

In honor of Julia Child’s 100th birthday this August 15th, my #SundaySupper group is celebrating with PBS Food to honor this cooking legend with her amazing recipes. I have always been intimidated by French cooking until I made my first Beef Bourguignon. I quickly realized that this amazing meal was basically a beef stew. It […]

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Sipping on a Blueberry Mojito

Summer is flying by. The kids have 3 weeks until school starts and I am so not ready for the chaos ahead of me. My eldest is going to start middle school. I am trying not to think about that either. Middle school. Ack! I’d rather sleep in with the sun pouring into my room. […]

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Red, White and Blue Cake with Berries, Coconut and Rum by FamilySpice.com

Red, White and Blue Cake with Berries, Coconut and Rum

Like Memorial Day, the real meaning behind the 4th of July sometimes gets forgotten. Independence Day is a national holiday here in the U.S., and when it falls on a Friday or Monday, we make our plans for the long holiday weekend. This year, it falls flat in the middle of the week, Wednesday. And […]

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Lemon Recipes to Make You Smile!

I’m taking a break from my orange madness to talk about another favorite citrus fruit: The Lemon. Lemons are coveted and loved in my family. You see, my husband, is a lemon lover. He puts it in EVERYTHING, even eggs. His family loves sour foods. And two out of three of my kids, have followed […]

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Lemon Blueberry Clafoutis by FamilySpice.com

Lemon Blueberry Clafoutis

A funny conversation occurred yesterday afternoon. My hubby had his monthly scout leader meeting at our house. I don’t attend as I am an unofficial volunteer (being married to the cubmaster), so I hover in the kitchen and listen. If I sit down, then I get sucked into the entire 2-hour meeting and I’ll probably […]

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