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Chicken Banh Mi by FamilySpice.com

Chicken Banh Mi, Po Boy, Sandwich… Whatever

Before Subway sandwiches hit it big, I was the sandwich queen. When I was a kid, I added oil and vinegar to sandwiches way before I ever walked into a real deli. My brother was my number one fan and always asked me to make him a sandwich when he saw I was making one for […]

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Peach, Crab and Avocado Salsa by FamilySpice.com

Peach, Crab and Avocado Salsa

  There’s nothing like returning from a two week “vacation” and assimilating yourself back into your normal routine. My vacation wasn’t off to some far, exotic locale. It was a two-week road trip from San Diego to Houston with my dad, three kids and a puppy. I must be a masochist signing myself up for […]

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Avocado and Grapefruit Salad by FamilySpice.com

Chicken Breast with Avocado and Grapefruit Salad

My 8-year old princess is participating in a big musical theater production. It is her first time doing this. It is the first time I am doing this. I am the shy, quiet type that never seeks the lime light or center stage. Having a loud daughter who loves to sing and dance is beyond […]

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Spider Eggs: Avocado and Wasabi Deviled Eggs by FamilySpice.com

Spider Eggs: Avocado and Wasabi Deviled Eggs

Halloween is creeping closer and my house has zero decorations up. Zero. I have asked my husband several times to bring down the huge boxes of decorations we have acquired since having the kids, but we just haven’t had the time. My neighbors are more on top of things than I, with skeletons, pumpkins and […]

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Asian Fusion Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork Tacos

The kids this week are enjoying their Spring Break. Of course, I use the term “enjoying” very loosely. It certainly isn’t as exciting as their last break back in February, where the hubby and I threw caution (and our wallets) into the wind and whisked the family to the Big Island of Hawaii. I warned […]

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How to Build the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

Saturday mornings in our house means there’s time to relax and really savor our breakfast. Some people like to indulge in pancakes and waffles. We like to indulge with eggs. Many weekends, my husband likes to fiddle in the garage and get his man duties done. It’s his meditative time, as I meditate behind the […]

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Avocado and Crab Salad with Seville Oranges

Today’s post almost didn’t happen. I have spent the week with Middle Child home sick, fighting off the cruddy stomach virus. He’s a beautiful boy who likes to inform me of every ache and pain and discomfort he is feeling at every moment of the day. He is particular about his food (it has to […]

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Apple and Avocado Salsa

Well today we are all detoxing on our crazy Halloween block party and the sugar overload I’m sure my kids went through. Luckily, Halloween is only ONCE a year! While the kidlets are at school, I will scavenging the Halloween candy, pulling out and hiding my Whoppers and secretly donating the bulk of the loot. […]

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Football Eats: Smokey Guacamole with Bacon for #SundaySupper

September is upon us and it’s not just about the kids going back to school. No, I’m not talking about cooler weather or autumn. I’m talking about the start of football season. Love it or hate it, that’s another blog post. But, you can’t argue that we have some great eats for tailgating and game […]

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Easy Summer Meals: Roast Chicken with Butter & Herbs

I feel like we have barely dipped our toes into summer over here. I’m enjoying the slow mornings and the kids are enjoying the fun escapes we have had so far. I admit that with this leisurely pace, I have slowed down working in the kitchen. It might be burnout from the last month push […]

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