Halloween Drinks: Spooktacular No-Dye All Natural Purplicious Potion

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No-Dye All Natural Purplicious Potion

Halloween is on Monday. You can make Halloween whatever you want to make it to be. I know it is fast becoming a very politically-incorrect holiday, but I don’t care. I love it! It’s a time to be silly. It’s a time to dress up and play. You can play with your food, your drinks and just have some fun.

Have an issue with candy? We have a dentist in our neighborhood who gives out toothbrushes every year. I love it! We also have many local dentists who give kids money in exchange for their candy by the pound. Another dentist donates the money and gives it to our local elementary school.

Several families I know donates the candy collected to the Ronald McDonald House.

Costco sells this little bags of spooky pretzels.

You can give away pencils, stickers, plastic rings and other trinkets.

You can also keep your house dark and not participate.

Ain’t this country great?

This year we will have our street blocked off. We started this tradition last year due to a grumpy neighbor down the street that likes to speed down to their house, in the dark, on Halloween night while kids are walking about.

Now we have a permit, barricades and a night of fun – safe fun for our friends, neighbors and children. We share food, we laugh, the kids enjoy frolicking in the street.

And then we go trick-or-treating.

Need some fun halloween drinks to put you in the Halloween spirit? Then try this dye-free all natural Purplicious Potion. This is a concoction my husband developed last year during our great pomegranate experiments. You see, when you combine pomegranate juice with pineapple juice you get the base to this Purplicious Potion. You can keep it this way or add some extra-goodness, as we did in our recipe.

I took over 400 pictures to get the shot I wanted. So you see, a quick and easy drink that takes 5 minutes to mix, took me hours to set up and photograph. This is why I am not a professional food stylist or photographer!

What are your Halloween Traditions?

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11 Responses to Halloween Drinks: Spooktacular No-Dye All Natural Purplicious Potion

  1. Great pic! It is so hard sometimes to get a great shot! Also what could be better then purple potion!

  2. This looks so tasty! You got a great picture! Happy Halloween!

  3. Love the idea of a block party style for Halloween night. Totally going to do that next year. Your purple potion is utterly cool! We always make ginger pumpkin spider cupcakes and ghost cookies. Just fun stuff my kids look forward to every year. The ginger pumpkin cupcakes are actually, wait for it, kinda healthy. Oooo…spooky. ;-)

  4. Wow… 400 photos!! Well at least you ended up with a really good looking one so I guess it paid of in the end right? Love the looks of this scary potion. We don't have kids trick or treating on Halloween. There are a few parties but mostly by adults and nothing with kids. But I'll celebrate in spirit with all you guys out there!

  5. Ann at #

    I LOVE that you have permission to block off your street and have a safe place for kids to play! (when I was a kid we also had a dentist that gave away toothbrushes…I thought it was cool then – and it's cool now!)

    We have no kids in our neighborhood, so we do our annual trek to a steakhouse with a bunch of friends. It's a fun tradition for a bunch of us to get together for some time out…

    I've taken as many as 80 photos for a shot…so I admire your tenacity!

  6. I had my camera set to take multiple shot each time I pushed the button. I was messing around with the quantity of the dry ice and the mess the splashing bubbles were making. Had to use a fast shutter speed to keep the movement sharp. Most of the pictures were trashed!

  7. Dana B at #

    lol :) that's hysterical. 400 shots. wow :) The picture is incredible tho! The drink sounds great, too :) Our community is totally into trick or treat. kids and adults love it. Lots of houses go all out and there's one street that has tons of houses in a row, both sides of the street, decked out to the hilt like some do for christmas.

  8. redkathy at #

    My son is a photographer and says food photography is very difficult. If you ask me, the patience of 400 shots for perfection is pretty darn good!

    Love the photo in case you couldn't tell!!!

  9. RFR at #

    i love everything about this post. I love your introduction "ain't this country great?" :) I got tiny tubs of play-doh for our trick or treaters at Kohls at half price…i gave them to the youngest kids. Then of course we had very very grown up kids coming by too. They drove here. :) You photo is very impressive. I could not have done that.


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