Silky Vanilla Pastry Cream with Sponge Cake

A review of Sophia Loren’s cookbook and featuring her recipe for Silky Vanilla Pastry Cream with Sponge Cake.
Silky Vanilla Pastry Cream with Sponge Cake by

I love to cook. Isn’t that obvious? I have a cooking blog, so therefore I love to cook, right? This means I have an overabundance of cooking magazines in my house, recipe clippings I’ve snuck out of magazines from doctor offices and a vast collection of cookbooks to turn to. And then there are my fellow bloggers online, cable tv and just plain Google search. Your head can spin with the recipe choices out there.

I am also a creature of habit. If there is a chef, cookbook or blogger who continuously provides  me with home-run recipes, then I tend to return to them for future recipes and inspiration. Which takes me to one of my most prized possessions in my cookbook collection:

Sophia Loren’s Recipes & Memories

Sophia Loren Cookbook

I bought this cookbook over 10 years ago. It was first published in 1998. Ms. Loren taught me how to cook Italian food. She also made me look good to my new husband and his family when they came over to dinner during those early years of marriage.

The food pictures in her cookbook made my mouth water. Her stories about her friends and family made me smile. Ms. Loren’s pictures made me jealous! And her classic Italian recipes are each home-runs. I know. I’ve made almost every single recipe in her book.

One of my favorite recipes is Sophia Loren’s Vanilla Pastry Cream (click here for the full recipe). I’ve made this recipe numerous of times. I’ve kept it simple and served it with fresh berries.

And it’s equally delicious with Sophia Loren’s Simple Sponge Cake (click here for the full recipe) or even a pound cake, whether homemade or store-bought.

Silky Vanilla Pastry Cream with Sponge Cake

And, it’s even better right out of the bowl, with a finger or spoon!

Perfect for Easter, especially if you are curled up on the couch watching your favorite Sophia Loren movie. One of my favorites is Houseboat, with Cary Grant. What’s yours?

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4 Responses to Silky Vanilla Pastry Cream with Sponge Cake

  1. Dana B at #

    The vanilla cream will be perfect for when all the fresh fruit hits this summer! yum!! The last two pics of Sophia look like one of my cousins and , yes, I’m totally jealous 🙂 Haven’t seen Houseboat yet, but love Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn in Brining up Baby 🙂

  2. I love that movie, too! I don’t know why, but those old movies are so much to watch.

  3. I didn’t know Sophia Loren was a good cook and a cookbook author! This cake looks so good with fruits and cream… yum!

    • Laura at #

      In her cookbook she tells how she cooked on the set and what her cast mates’ favorite foods were. It’s a fabulous cookbook!

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