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Today my family and I ventured on a 12-day adventure through California. We started Day 1 with a 9 hour drive from San Diego to beautiful downtown San Francisco. Since I am not home, cooking fascinating meals for my brood, I thought I would write about some of the fab foods I am eating at the restaurants we find.

Knowing we were leaving for almost two weeks, I spent the last couple of days at home clearing out the fridge and feeding my family whatever was left. To top that and our big trek today, we decided to skip the traditional breakfast and lunch at McD’s, eat junk food in the car and keep the stops to gas and potty breaks, oh and one popsicle break! Because of this, we made great time despite the inevitable 30 minute delay in LA. But, as a result, we arrived around 5pm totally starving and ready to indulge on a great seafood dinner.

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Since we were staying in the heart of Fisherman’s Wharf, we figured this would be no problem. But, the last thing we wanted to do was to spend a small fortune just to eat Red Lobster-quality food. No offense to Red Lobster fans, but tonight we wanted something special. Our hotel recommended Scoma’s Restaurant, located off Pier 47 in Fisherman’s Wharf. The menu is a bit pricy, especially for a family of five, but it was our first night out. We’ll go back on budget tomorrow! Average dinner prices were $28-$33. The kids wanted fish and chips from the children’s menu, which came to around $8 each. We ordered their meal first, a trick we learned right away that helps Mommy and Daddy have a peaceful meal.

The first thing I noticed was that instead of the customary fish sticks or chunks of fried fish, on the plate was a large filet of fish with panko crumbs. No fillers here. The fish was tasty and the kids devoured it. After dinner, they entertained themselves with the coloring page and crayons Scoma’s provided.


I decided to try the Triple Play Menu: an appetizer, entrée and dessert for $39.95. Considering the average price of dinner, I thought this was a great way to try a variety of items and see if the Scoma’s lived up to their reputation. And, don’t forget, I was famished. I hadn’t eaten a decent meal in 36 hours!

For the appetizer, I chose the crab cakes for my appetizer, seared scallops for dinner, and the walnut brownie for dessert. My hubby followed their regular menu and chose his favorite seafood meal of all time: The Cioppino. But, he took it one step further and ordered The Lazy Man’s Cioppino, where for $3 more, the crab is already shelled for you. After 9 hours of driving, I figured he was worth the extra charge!


The crab cakes were small, but considering I had two more courses coming, I had plenty to eat. The Remoulade sauce had a nice kick to it without being over-powering. The watercress greens complimented the three flavors. My scallops were fabulous, tender, and delicious. You could easily over-cook scallops, and these were cooked perfectly. I wasn’t too thrilled with the swiss chard or the mushroom ragout. I found them rather tasteless. Plus, I am not a fan of bitter greens so most of it was left on my plate. Dessert was amazing. The walnut brownie, triple espresso ice cream, brownie, and caramel sauce all complimented each other perfectly. The brownie had a dry shortbread-like texture that soaked up the other flavors well. Although small, it was a great way to end a great meal.


And the Lazy Man’s Cioppino? We are happy to report that unlike some restaurants, this meal was full of seafood and tasted great. Of course, my hubby did feel that my Moqueca de Peixe (the Brazilian version of the ciopinno) was tastier! That’s my man.

We ended our evening with a stroll around the Wharf, looking at storefronts, buying post cards to mail to family and friends, hoping they would arrive at their destinations before we returned home! Tomorrow, we will explore more of this beautiful area. For right now, I will listen to my snoring kiddos as I share a drink of juice box and vodka with my man.



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