Salut! Vodka and Mint Fizz

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Vodka and Mint Fizz by

We have only had 8 days of school, but the entire family is ready to unwind during this 3-day weekend. I’m thinking beach time, pool time, some chill time and a bit of cocktail time! I’m not a big drinker, as I’ve shared before. My husband calls me a cheap date since I’m quite a light weight. So when I do drink, I tend to choose drinks that are light and go down smooth. And that’s how I came up with this Vodka and Mint Fizz.

When Davidson’s Safest Choice Eggs™ asked me to come up with a cocktail recipe using their pasteurized eggs, I admit: I was baffled. Eggs and alcohol, what should I do?

Luckily, a friend of ours had recently taken a mixology class for fun. I picked her brain and she opened my eyes to all of the possibilities. The addition of an egg white that is shaken in a drink adds body, froth and a creaminess to make one special cocktail.

Sekanjabin (Persian Mint Syrup) by

I decided to use up some Sekanjabin (Persian Mint Syrup) that we always have in the house. Used to dip lettuce in or mix with water for a refreshing drink, we love our sekanjabin. Not like a traditional mint syrup, ours has a little kick with a touch of vinegar. I combined sekanjabin, vodka, lemon juice and an egg white and shook the daylights out of it.

“Shake it dry, then shake it with ice,” my friend advised.

And I did.

I added a Persian twist of shredded cucumber and fresh mint and voila! I got the froth and body to a great drink that goes down easy for a lightweight like me, but man enough for my hubby to say, “Mmmm! You did good, babe!”

You can find the recipe here for my Vodka and Mint Fizz.

Give it a try and chill out this weekend – I know I am!

Vodka and Mint Fizz by

Disclosure: As I am part of the Darling Dozen, I did receive a stipend from Safest Choice Eggs™ to develop a cocktail recipe using their product. The story I have written is all true, and the opinions are truly mine. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t blog about it!

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4 Responses to Salut! Vodka and Mint Fizz

  1. This is all new to me but wow, it looks good!

  2. Good drink! Some of the sours – like whiskey sour – traditionally have egg white in them, although most people don’t use them these days. I love the look of the foam, though. Fun post – thanks.

  3. Adri at #

    Wow – I just arrived on a Tweet from Trevor Kensey, and this is a gorgeous post and a fabulous drink. Thanks!


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