Salisbury Steak with Purple Mashed Potatoes

Go retro in style for dinner with some Salisbury Steak with Purple Mashed Potatoes.

Salisbury Steak with Purple Mashed Potatoes by

Sometimes you need to make the classics. One great economical meat is ground beef. If we’re not making kabobs with it, my other simple meal is spaghetti with meat sauce. My son, The Professor, discovered salisbury steak at school. Buying lunch is a treat for him, so it was one of those rushed mornings where the refrigerator was bare that I had him buy his lunch. This was when he discovered and fell in love with salisbury steak.

I remember salisbury steak from those aluminum foiled tv dinners my brother and I would sometimes get when my parents would go out for the night. Those meals were great. It took 30 minutes to cook in the oven, not 3 in the microwave. You had a meat compartment, a veggie compartment, a starch and a warm dessert. But the salisbury steak from the past didn’t taste so good. How can we make it better?

Well, using ground beef, fresh mushrooms and a little Worcestershire sauce I was able to make a delicious and easy salisbury steak. Now for the fixings. Mashed potatoes? Mmmm… Trader Joe’s has this potato medley that includes purple potatoes. I used some of them, mixed with butter and half-and-half to make purple mashed potatoes. This was so much fun for the kids: Purple Mashed Potatoes!

And for veggies? Roasted vegetables go with any dinner, but I was feeling nostalgic. Creamed spinach was a must. This was definitely not the Hungry-Man creamed spinach of my childhood.

As I watched my kids eat up their dinner, I sat back and remembered how excited my brother and I would get for the occasional “fast food.” My mother cooked most every meal we ate, so we didn’t grow up eating processed junk. I certainly am not going to do that my kids either. And with easy, nutritional recipes no one else has to, either.

Now, what to make for dessert???!!!

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  1. Trixie at #

    This was so easy and tasty (of course I can say that about all of the recipes I've tried so far!). I love to saute with mushrooms, which always make the meal little fancier with little effort, and I just love having another recipe where I can use ground beef! The kids and hubby stuffed their faces and I got requests to make it again! Definitely a hit at our house!

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