Remembering 9/11 and The Note


Every September 11th will be raw for me. I was lucky. I did not lose any loved ones that horrific day. But I did sit in front of my tv, with my 4-month old baby in my arms for a week, crying my eyes out. Every September I go through the same emotions. The pit in my stomach, the tragedy unfolding in front of me, and the fear I had that World War III was here and I had brought a precious baby into it. And now, 11 years later, I thought I heard all of the stories that came out from that day. I was wrong.

People were trapped in the towers. Notes were written and dropped out of the window. This one read, “84th floor, West of fire, 12 people trapped.” Someone on the street found the note during the havoc of that morning. He passed it to a guard who went to radio for help.

Then the towers collapsed.

Help was too late.

The note was held in safe keeping, then passed from department to department. Many notes were dropped from the towers. But this one was different as it had some DNA on it. And just over a year ago, the writer of the note was identified.

It was written by Randy Scott.

His family for ten years held on to the belief, and equally prayed that Randy did not suffer that day. That he died instantly when the plane hit the tower. Now they know he did not.

It is chilling story that brings back all of my fears and emotions of that day. The suffering and fear felt by those trapped in the towers. The pain and agony of the families who lost loved ones, never knowing everything about that day. Some do not want to know because the truth is too hard to bear. It is for those families that I pray for, to help ease their sorrow and loss.

So, I will never forget. And I suspect there are million more stories of that day that have not yet been told. And I will continue to read about them, shed a tear over them and remember them.

You read more about this particular story here.

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  1. So lovely Laura. I can’t even write about 9/11 yet. It’s too painful. XOXO

  2. So powerful – let us never forget.

  3. I used to read the daily “Portraits in Grief” in The New York Times. When the book of these stories was published, I promptly bought it. I unwrapped my copy and opened it to the precise page where the profile was written of the one person I knew (slightly) who died in the Towers. Unbelievable –

  4. Heartwrenching. It is still hard to think back and remember that day. Thanks for sharing those powerful thoughts and words. xoxo

  5. Such a horrific day. I hadn’t heard this story before – so touching. I’ll never forget that day.

  6. Eha at #

    There is a saying very important to Australians remembering those who have unfairly died, in this case thru’ war. But are these words not just as important in the case of 9/11 and other such horrific occasions – ‘At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we shall remember them’. Here in Australia this is probably the most important and powerful sentence installed in any child – I believe it well applies to 9/11!

  7. “It was written by Randy Scott.”

    I got goosebumps when I read that sentence and started tearing.


    My coworkers and I watched the whole thing unfold from our office windows.

  8. Beautifully written! My daughter was 3 days old on 9/11/01, and I remember being in a new mom sleep deprived daze that morning. Thanks so much for sharing and remembering!

  9. Kim Bee at #

    I get so broken up every time I think about 9/11. I remember sitting on the coffee all day too stunned to move. I was still there when the kids came home from school, in my pj’s. I always think about the man who stayed with his friend who was handicapped and would not be able to get down the stairs, so they stayed together. Breaks and touches my heart at the same time.

  10. Amee at #

    wow. thanks so much for sharing this. i find it so therapeutic to get very personal on my blog. this was awesome. keep writing your thoughts.

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