Plum Yogurt Cake

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Alas, summer is drawing to a close. Sigh. Although my kids don’t start school until Wednesday, I can feel the pressure that going back to school brings. No more flip flops for footwear, board shorts or stretched out bathing suits you can wear all day. Although we don’t sleep in too much, unless you call 7:30 sleeping in, we lay in our jammies all morning long, eat brunch instead of breakfast and play and laugh.

Of course, as predicted, summer weather has finally arrived in San Diego. So while the kids return to school, it will be nice and hot outside and they will be desiring pool play dates and boogie boards over text books and lessons. I feel their pain. I love having the summer time with my kids. And we love the fun foods we made and ate together all summer long!

Here is one of those summer desserts, Plum Yogurt Cake. I made it in a flash. Super easy. I didn’t have to haul out the mixer. What a fabulous pairing of tart plums and sweet cake. Sweet and sour, like the end of summer. So, I will keep this short, because we have two days to finish getting ready for school and then soak up some summer sun & fun!

You can find the recipe for Plum Yogurt Cake, click here.

And find more great recipes over at Family Spice!

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4 Responses to Plum Yogurt Cake

  1. What a gorgeous cake – so delicious with plums, excellent!

  2. "pup" at #

    This looks delicious!!

  3. Anonymous at #

    Almost forgot the sugar! It was left out of the directions!

    The cake turned out great even after adding the sugar at the end.

  4. Yikes! Sorry about that! I fixed the directions. Thanks for remembering the sugar!

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