Persian Saffron Rice Pudding – Sholeh Zard

Sholeh Zard is a traditional Persian rice pudding made with basmati rice, sugar, saffron and rosewater. It is garnished with cinnamon, pistachios and almonds.

Persian Saffron Rice Pudding - Sholeh Zard by

I never thought much about having a favorite color until I had kids. All of a sudden there were favorites everywhere. Favorite foods. Favorite movies. Favorite books. Favorite colors. The first time one of my kids asked me my favorite color, I drew a blank. I loved my soft grey tshirts, but how boring is it to say you love the color grey? My children never changed their minds about their favorite colors. The Professor loves green. Middle Child adores blue. My Princess is all about pink. After a few years of self-realization and changing my mind, I finally settled on yellow. Yellow is a sunny day. Yellow is a sunflower. Yellow is a bowl full of lemons. Yellow is summer time. And of course, yellow is saffron!

Persian Saffron Rice Pudding - Sholeh Zard by

Although saffron threads are more orangish-red, and high quality saffron steeped in hot water produces the same deep orange color, add it to rice and you get this gorgeous, happy always-makes-me-smile-big yellow.

Persian Saffron Rice Pudding - Sholeh Zard by

Sholeh Zard is a Persian dessert made with white basmati rice, saffron, rosewater and sugar. It is a thick rice pudding that has the power to turn a room full of Persian adults into little kids, happily licking their spoons and bowls clean.

Persian Saffron Rice Pudding - Sholeh Zard by

Like many Persian dishes, it’s all about the garnishings and designs you make with the cinnamon, dried rose petals, almonds and pistachios.

Yellow, magenta and pistachio green – some of my favorite colors! Ooops! There I go again, I just can’t pick one favorite color!

You can find the recipe here for Persian Saffron Rice Pudding – Sholeh Zard.

Persian Saffron Rice Pudding - Sholeh Zard by

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  1. This is beautiful, Laura, and I’m sure it tastes as good as it looks.

  2. I love your saffron recipes, and this pudding looks so tasty!

  3. So pleased to have found you via FB. This looks and sounds quite exquisite, which is just the kind of dessert I love!

  4. Eha at #

    Laura: shall use the very last of the saffron I received from you [yes, it is still good and have been keeping a few threads for something special!] to try this. Am not a ‘pudding girl’ but love rice and this sounds so good!

  5. What a gorgeous, gorgeous recipe Laura! I love the photographs… you’ve managed to capture vibrancy and softness at the same time. I definitely need to try this recipe. It sounds delicious. I am such a sucker for Middle Eastern/Persian food! xx

  6. Saffron is new ingredients to me but thanks to you and other food blogs, I started to use it more often. Here’s another great recipe that I would like to try with saffron!

  7. The colors of pistachios and saffron together are wonderful, and then there´s the flavors! This is the rice pudding of my dreams.

  8. I can imagine the taste of this rice pudding. Since I love rice puddings and saffron I am sure that I will love this. Gorgeous pictures, Laura and so very tasty!

  9. mjskit at #

    What a lovely rice pudding! I love the color and the texture. I’m sure this taste as wonderful as it looks.

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